Year 9 Drop Down

Posted: 1st December 2021

On Tuesday 30 November, Year 9 had a special visit from Cdr Beth Kitchen MBE (BEng CEng MIET Royal Navy) where they learnt about her extraordinary life as an engineer in the Royal Navy.

Learning about the many branches of engineering was extremely informative but perhaps the most interesting aspect was hearing about the different roles Cdr Kitchen had fulfilled during her military service, including an assignment with the United States Marine Corps working on the F35 fighter jet. The students were inspired by her successful career, giving students plenty to think about as they begin to develop their own ideas about future career plans, and for some especially, an engineer.

The students then completed a number of engineering challenges including building a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows, making a catapult out of lollypop sticks, producing a bridge from straws and designing a flood resilient and resistant house. By working in small groups, the students developed important teamworking skills, allowing them to stimulate the minds of an actual engineer.


Year 9 Drop Down Day

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