Posted: 4th January 2022

This years British Schools Pistol Shooting competition was done on a postal shoot with scores sent through once competitors shot their targets, the top 2 teams and 8 Individuals in each age group from the regional rounds qualifying for the National Finals. Leweston School had 26 pupils taking part in the 3 categories, each student had 4 targets of 5 shots in each target from 10m. The age categories were Junior years 6-8, Intermediate Years 9 & 10, and Senior Years 11-13.

Once again the school had great success with 5 teams qualifying for the finals, Junior team 2nd in region, ranked 3 in the country with Evanna B, Year 8, & Henrietta J, Year 8, in individual final. Intermediate A team 1st in region ranked one in country, B team 2nd ranked 6 in country with Honor G, Year 10, & Molly C, Year 10, in individual final. In the seniors A team 1st ranked 3 in country, B team 2nd ranked 5 in country.

Well done to all Leweston shooters that took part in the competition with the following shooters below qualifying for the National Schools Pellet Shooting Finals on 8 February at Stafford.


Evanna BLeweston School, Sherborne – 1 Team 2nd3rd
Henrietta JLeweston School, Sherborne – 17th
Lucy GLeweston School, Sherborne – 19th


Honor GLeweston School, Sherborne – 1 Team 1st2nd
Molly CLeweston School, Sherborne – 13rd
Reuben CLeweston School, Sherborne – 15th
Millie WLeweston School, Sherborne – 2 Team 2nd8th
Nikita MLeweston School, Sherborne – 210th
May SLeweston School, Sherborne – 212th


Ginny BLeweston School, Sherborne – 1 Team 1st7th
Miller BLeweston School, Sherborne – 19th
Gigi KLeweston School, Sherborne – 110th
Reece WLeweston School, Sherborne – 2 Team 2nd13th
Emily ALeweston School, Sherborne – 214th
Flora S-BLeweston School, Sherborne – 215th


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