Posted: 20th January 2022

A snapshot of last year’s talented GCSE Fine Art students’ work has recently adorned the walls of the Black Hall.

These pieces represent the culmination of a focused and explorative investigation into individual’s interpretation of the theme Place. The students have chosen artists and artwork which inspires them, developed and refined relevant techniques and styles and employed a range materials and approaches in creating these works.

Caitlin H, GCSE Fine Art:

Caitlin’s work combines an illustrative style with her use of biros and fine liners, with a more painterly quality. She depicts beauty and nature and its place in our world.

Oliver N, GCSE Fine Art:

Oliver chose to represent ‘Place’ in a traditional drawing style through buildings and architecture. His monochromatic drawings are refined yet atmospheric interpretations of Leweston’s Manor House and Trinity Chapel. 

Anna E-B, GCSE Fine Art:

Anna worked with a theme to represent the meaning and importance of ‘Place’. Through adding finely rendered drawings and water colour to layers of paper and maps, she adds a storytelling quality to her work. 

Iris D, GCSE Fine Art:

Iris’s large scale expressive painterly works on cardboard, draw their inspiration from both traditional and contemporary painters including Turner and Koshlyakov. Her works are “emotional representations of a once inhabited place”. 

Issy R, GCSE Fine Art:

Issy represents atmosphere and memories through depictions of buildings in her unique and experimental use of mixed media. A textural surface made from plaster is stained using inks to reveal objects and structures of architectural interest.   

Jeanette J, GCSE Fine Art:

Jeanette’s atmospheric and haunting depictions of architectural details represent the notion of ‘Place’ as a memory. Her refined delicate technique allows for the image to have a shifting and none-static presence.


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