Posted: 28th January 2022

In Year 8, students are rising to the challenge of tackling the process of video production. Their first steps are the pre-production activities. Collaborating as a team, each group must write a script relating to our previous work on using social media positively. These scripts require each team to draw on all their skills as, alongside the dialogue, they include notes on stage direction, camera angles, props, setting & location, costume, timings and who will be responsible for direction, cinematography and sound recording during each scene.

Once pre-production is complete, the difficult challenge of filming in a busy school begins. Each group relies heavily on their organisation skills here, making sure each member of the team is wearing the correct clothes, knows their lines if they’re acting or how to frame the shots if they are behind the camera. Everyone needs to follow the plan for which scene is being recorded in any one session and have everything set and ready to go. Naturally, the acting skills are constantly under review, alongside the filming technique and audio production, not forgetting the key role of ‘snapping’ the clapper board!

When all the shots have been filmed, it’s time to return to the Computing Lab and ingest the media into Adobe’s Premiere Pro, ready for editing. Firstly, the students lay down their rough edit, finding the best takes of each scene and sequencing them in order. When the clips are all laid down in the timeline, work begins on balancing audio levels, trimming cuts, generating on-screen graphics, adding sound effects, titles and credits. Each student edits their own version of the short film.

Finally, when all edits are complete and have been exported, we set up for the grand screening to enjoy our creations. Not forgetting to reflect on each one and identify areas of success and skills that can be further improved next time. Watch out YouTube – we’re coming for you!

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