Posted: 4th February 2022

On Wednesday 2 February, Year 10 spent the morning with 4 representatives from the Royal Navy and the Royal Navy Reserves.

After an initial introduction, Year 10 completed an ice breaker before taking part in several team based activities. This included guiding their blindfolded partner through an obstacle course, moving tyres from one location to another without touching the floor, walking as a team on two planks with rope handles and carrying each other through a net made out of rope.

Students also carried out a STEM activity where they designed and built a wheelbarrow. This task was based on a natural disaster and needed to be able to help transport injured civilians to safety. The final prototype was then tested as the groups raced against each other, carrying a kit bag on their wheelbarrows.

The morning finished with a Q&A session giving Year 10 students the opportunity to find out more about the Royal Navy and to reflect on the importance of teamwork and communication skills in career development.

Thank you to the representatives who took the time to come speak to our students, they all had a thoroughly enjoyable morning!

Royal Navy Visits Year 10

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