Posted: 14th February 2022

On Thursday 10 February, the Leweston Music Department took two choirs to the Taunton Music Festival of the Arts Choir Competition.

Both Choirs returned home victorious, with our Year 7 and 8 Choir winning the Bishop Fox’s Cup, and Schola Cantorum winning the John Cole Cup.

Scholar Choir:

1st Sopranos:

Thomas A-B, Year 9, Jasmine A, Year 9, Jessica B, Year 9, Amy Fox, Year 11, Lio H, Year 11, Cecily J-B, Year 9, Darcy L, Year 9, Ru O, Year 10, Sam P, Year 9 and Eloise S, Year 12.

2nd Sopranos:

Mimi B, Year 12, Ollie D, Year 11, Caliste G, Year 9, Sophia G, Year 9, Florence K, Year 12, Serena M, Year 11, Elizabeth M, Year 11, Dominique P, Year 9, Felicity P-R, Year 9, Pear W-R, Year 9.

1st Altos:

Hazel C, Year 11, Tully C, Year 11, Chloe J, Year 11, Charlotte W, Year 11.

2nd Altos:

Anna K, Year 8, Daisy M, Year 11, Alice W, Year 12.

Year 7 & 8 Choir:

Year 7:

Ellie B, Pippa S, Ella H, Grace R, Penny H, Robin S, Issy J, Ursula L, Henry R, Annie K, Ruby P, Millie R, Molly T.

Year 8:

Lizzie S, Sianne L, Esme A, Charlotte C, Amelia P, Belinda D, Melissa V-V.

Taunton Festival of the Arts Choir Competition

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