Posted: 17th February 2022

On Wednesday 16 February, Prep 3 had a Matilda WOW Day.

The pupils looked amazing in their Matilda costumes and took part extremely enthusiastically in a range of Matilda-themed activities. Having enjoyed watching the newt scene from the film Matilda, they began with a craft activity. They coloured, decorated and made their own newts with movable legs and tail – they all look fantastic!

They then watched one of their favourite scenes – Bruce Bogtrotter and the chocolate cake! Working in groups, they acted out this scene and used their imaginations to find/ make props and costume accessories. They then had a break from rehearsals to prepare their own chocolate treat for break time – they decorated fairy cakes and thoroughly enjoyed eating them! After break, it was time to perform their sketches to the class – there was some superb acting and excellent comedy performances – well done everyone!

After lunch, the pupils then went over to the Senior school theatre and were treated to a performance by the cast of the Matilda show, due to open in a month! To book tickets for the performance of Matilda, click here. The pupils then had the opportunity to ask the cast questions about the show and their involvement in it.

Prep 3 Teacher, Mrs Littlewood was extremely proud of the pupils – they listened very carefully and asked very interesting questions, such as wanting to know what Mrs Trunchbull and Matilda would be wearing and why the school chose to perform Matilda in the first place! Many have been inspired by what they saw and are now very keen to be part of a school production.



Prep 3 | Matilda WOW Day

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