Posted: 23rd February 2022

On Sunday 13 February, students enrolled in their Silver DofE award completed their first aid and expedition training program. The students were not at all put off by the wind and rain and embraced a 5km walk to learn new navigational skills in the hostile conditions. They all displayed great resilience and teamwork as well testing out Leweston’s new storm shelters!

All of the Silver students have previously completed their Bronze award and so were recapping and polishing their campcraft skills in the afternoon. To display their knowledge of stove safety, the students made warming hot chocolate and tested out a variety of Wayfarer meals in preparation for their practice expedition. Oliver P, Year 10 and Daisy H, Year 10, then gave a beautiful tent demonstration to the group and each team practiced erecting both styles of tent.

All teams are all now looking forward to their practice expedition at the end of June where they will put all their skills into action on a two-day expedition in the Purbecks.

To find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the training dates, please see here.

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