Posted: 7th March 2022

On Tuesday 2 March, Leweston School had a visit from Poet, Matt Bryden. Matt spent the morning in the Prep school, working with Prep 3-6, then came across to the Senior school in the afternoon to work with Year 8. Throughout the day, Matt held ‘hands-on’ poetry workshops with the aim of each workshop:

• to introduce children to the competition and the theme ‘Letting in the Light’
• to introduce children to a poem or poems on that theme
• to inspire children to write – or begin to write – a poem following a series of prompts

These workshops introduced the students to a competition with a theme of ‘letting in the light’. The Somerset Literacy Network and Taunton’s Fire River Poets invite young poets to enter their free to enter poetry competition for 2022. Entrants are asked to write a poem on the theme of LIGHT. The theme has been deliberately chosen to allow children to express feelings of hope for the future. All prizewinning and commended poets will be invited to an awards evening at the beautiful Dillington House near Ilminster in Somerset on 5th July 2022 at 6pm. Here they will have the opportunity to perform their poem and meet acclaimed children’s poet and fiction-writer AF Harrold.

Prep 6 started to write spell poems to address issues to improve the world, based on the witches spell from Macbeth and with a variety of animals as inspiration. If they would like to complete their poem at home for entry into a competition to be included in Matt’s next book, or for entry into the Somerset Literacy Network poetry competition, they are welcome to do so. The finished poems should be returned to us at school.

The pupils gained so much from this experience, and we look forward to entering many poems into the competition.


Poetry Workshop with Matt Bryden

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