Posted: 11th March 2022

The Duke of Edinburgh Award flourishes at Leweston. Founded the Duke himself almost 60 years ago, it was designed to encourage anyone aged 14 to 24 to take on a range of activities that develop skills such as leadership, perseverance, team work and communication. There are three different levels – bronze, silver and gold – and five sections including volunteering, expedition and residential.

Pupils can enrol on the Bronze Award at Year 9 and Silver at Year 10. To complete the Bronze and Silver Awards participants must undertake a personal programme of activities in four sections: volunteering, physical, skills and expedition. Our location in beautiful Dorset provides a wealth of locations for expeditions.

The Award is designed to equip young people with skills for life. It challenges participants to cultivate new skills developing confidence and self-esteem. The award is well regarded by both universities and employers. Dean Wilson, Chief Executive of Europe and Australia at Active International said:

“DofE helps young people gain skills that employers’ value – problem solving, teamwork, communication and curiosity. These are attributes that we look for.”

The Health and Wellbeing Report commissioned by the DofE (Sept 2020) A Brighter Future, found:

  1. The DofE has a positive impact on young people’s general wellbeing – respondents noted that they had fun, made new friends, faced new challenges and believed that the DofE improved their education and employment prospects.
  2. The DofE has a positive impact on young people’s confidence and resilience – the survey revealed that many respondents are more confident in difficult situations, had the opportunity to face new challenges and feel more independent and responsible.
  3. The DofE has a positive impact on young people’s communication, teamwork and leadership skills – respondents said they learnt how to work with others to solve problems, felt more confident about speaking to people they do not know well and now understood how to take responsibility for others.

With all that in mind, the Duke of Edinburgh Award not only looks good on one’s academic report, but also enables important leadership and social skills that help shape a better individual. To find out more about the DofE award and the training dates, see here.

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