Posted: 22nd March 2022

For British Science Week 2022, Leweston School have been busy in the Science block getting creative and exploring new areas of topics with all the students to help encourage a passion for science. British Science Week is all about celebrating science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) sectors, to help encourage young students to pursue a career in science.

Head of Science and Chemistry Teacher, Mr Hudson, explored perfumes with Years 9 and 10 on Tuesday morning. The students each made their own scent of perfume, by choosing either vanilla or almond as the base and adding a selection of essential oils such as thyme, orange, jasmine or sandalwood. All students got involved in the process and made unique smelling perfumes, that they could keep on a piece of paper.

Year 7 have been upcycling their plastic bottles from home in their chemistry lessons this week to make their own water powered rockets. Once made the students used a foot pump to build up the air pressure in the bottle until the friction force can no longer contain the pressure, the bung & tubing are forced out and the pressure then acts on the water to eject it from the bottle and send the rocket skywards.

Meanwhile in the Prep school, Prep 6 pupils enjoyed making rockets, exploding Coke and magic colour changing beakers to help celebrate Science week. They are also entering the National poster competition on the theme of growth.


British Science Week 2022

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