Posted: 29th March 2022

As part of her marketing enrichment, Julia G, Year 12, interviewed our Deputy Head and Charity Prefect, Miko L, Year 13, about the Sixth Form charity week he organised. For the past few years, Year 13 have held a 24-hour triathlon in aid of their chosen charity at the end of the Easter term, as well as this, the sixth formers have organised a week long of activities to help reach their fundraising target. This year, the chosen charity was the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Q&A | Charity Prefect

Hi, can you tell me something about yourself and why you are the main organizer of the Charity Week event?

I’m Miko, Year 13 Deputy Head Prefect and Charity Prefect. I’ve joined Leweston in September 2020, moving from Poland. I’m organizing the Leweston Sixth Form Charity Week. Organizing that event was my main target that has been set by Senior Leadership Team. In the past several months or so, I put a lot of effort to put things together and I think it is a great success and lots of fun.

Have you ever had an experience with planning any similar event?

Kind of. Part of my responsibilities as chairman of student council in junior high school back in Poland was to organize a graduation ball as well as other couple events such as talent show. However, on such a scale, it’s the biggest event I’ve ever organized.

What was the main challenge when it comes to Charity Week organization?

I think that the fact that it was first Charity Week in the history of Leweston School was a challenge its self as I had to use my initiative at times. However, thanks to people who I work with, the job was much easier. Thanks to their support, their enthusiasm, and their positivity it is a pleasure to be Charity Prefect.

Why have you chosen the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)? What values this foundation stands for?

JDRF is a non-profit organization that supports type 1 diabetes. Choosing the charity and planning that event I have tried to make enjoyable and be creative. I have chosen JDRF due to direct impact of this disease on members of our school community and their families and we’ve never raised for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in such a scale. They provide support to people with type 1, they are trying push new boundaries and generate unprecedented progress in the next few years to prevent, treat and ultimately find cures for type 1 diabetes. Also, on the early days of December 2021 during one of the calls that I had with JDRF volunteer, and I got to know that they did struggle with realizing their goals and values due to the pandemic. That reassured me that we should support them this year. I got a lot of positive feedback from staff, students, parents of Leweston. Therefore, putting all together, I am pleased with that choice.

What happens on every day of charity week that currently takes place and which day is your favourite one?

Every day is my favourite one. We officially started Charity Week on 21st of March. However, we set up JustGiving page about two weeks before. We had three Matilda shows and thanks to cooperation with Music Department, we were able to do collection before the show. We raised almost £400 during those events. We also had some online donations before. Therefore, at the starting point on Monday, we reached already 25% of our target. On Tuesday over break, we had cake sale which worked very well. On Wednesday we had the quiz show with teachers ‘Would I lie to you?’. I heard that Leweston community found it really entertaining. On Thursday we have started our 24 hours of Sport activities, which is a tradition of the Leweston 6th form. That finished at 12:00 on Friday and then we have finished our term with end of term assembly in the afternoon. That 24 hours long event started with JustDance, then we moved to cycling, which took us 15hrs, and we finished with ColourRun involving Prep School students. That was exhausting but enjoyable experience. So, as you can see, I can’t really tell you my favourite day.

What is the biggest advantage of being charity prefect and for which type of people would you recommend this role?

I would say that seeing people’s happiness, and hearing positive feedback is something that helps you a lot in this job. The satisfaction you get is priceless and would say that is the biggest advantage. You also have opportunity to create something big and get experience that will be really beneficial in the future, no matter what job you will have, and which career path you are going to choose. Back in June 2021 when I got my Prefect role, I was not aware how much skills this position requires. You have to put people together, create a plan, consult it with many people. Management skills are crucial. Time management is also important. You have to find some time between the difficult time of preparation for A levels. You need to set yourself a plan and follow it. The very first draft that we made has been made in June 2021. Charity week is taking place in March 2022. As you can see, loads of time has to be invested. For that reason, I would recommend this role for people who are brave and like challenges. Being creative is also a plus, because you can play with charity week events in so many ways.

OK, how about some lessons that you got after organization of this event, would you do anything differently now?

Yes, there are some little things I would change but only because I am perfectionist. Nevertheless, in my opinion this week worked very well. This experience also has proved that Leweston has a great sense of community, that cares about other people.

Is there anything you would like to add at the end?

I would be very grateful for any kind of support you are showing us, and I want to say thank you to every single person who helped organize this week and whole Year 13. We have done amazing job and without these people, that would not be possible.

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