Posted: 5th April 2022

As part of our quest to provide our students with rich experiences of literature and Drama, the English Department hosted a visit by the Young Shakespeare Company, to which all students in Years 10 and 11 were invited.

The Young Shakespeare’s innovative and interactive approach to Shakespeare’s Macbeth was a perfect revision session for Year 11, and a great opportunity for Year 10 to enhance their understanding of the play, which they have been studying this term.

As well as enjoying a performance of Macbeth, students were invited to offer direction to the actors as they rehearsed various approaches to scenes. The performance was followed by a ‘Q and A’ session, and it was fabulous to hear such a range of thoughtful and perceptive questions from students. The actors were required to ‘dig deep’ regarding a range of interpretive enquiries: for example, the authenticity or otherwise of Lady Macbeth’s faint, the regal qualities of Banquo, and issue of the Macbeths’ child and bereavement.

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