Posted: 18th April 2022

This year’s Leweston Tetrathlon & Triathlon Easter camp was another great success with 70 young athletes between 9 to 17 years old taking part in swimming, running, fencing, shooting, biking, Triathlon, Biathle, and Triathle.

The camp took place 11-16 April with the option of signing up as residential or non-residential and was lead by 12 experienced sports coaches. The athletes were split into 4 groups depending on age and sports that they wished to do for the week.

Keep an eye on our Leweston Pentathlon Academy Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where you will find video and photos from the camp this year.

Leweston School Weekly Training

Leweston School is a GB Modern Pentathlon Academy, which runs a full, weekly training programme for Pentathlon and Triathlon events. Our resident Pentathlon Coach, Mick Flaherty, co ordinates the programme with the help of external coaches, Rob Brungies and Sandra Egginton for fencing, Alan Brown & Philip Hobbs for shooting, Shaun Green and Kate McBain Triathlon. If you are interested in attending Leweston School and the Pentathlon Academy please contact Mick for further details –  or find out more about Pentathlon at Leweston here.



Easter Triathlon Camp

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