Posted: 11th May 2022

Rhetoric, an academic enrichment opportunity for Years 7-9 was very well attended on Monday night.

Pupils “warmed up” their thinking skills with some Ditloids  – 7 D of the W, 3 B M and more, with one team achieving 10/10!  Then in groups of three they entered into a balloon debate. Each group was given a character – eg a historical figure, a sport stars, a political leader etc and then the 6 characters were called to the hot air balloon at the front and had to defend their space on the sinking balloon.  Questions then followed from the floor, before the first round of voting.  Characters varied from Jesus to Obama to Emma Watson.  Two participants were then voted off.

After rebuttals of other characters and final speeches from those left a final round of voting occurred. Eventually Martin Luther King was declared the winner – being the last in the balloon.

With thanks to our new Academic prefect, Anna EB, Year 12, for her help running the session.

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