Posted: 24th May 2022

Prep 1 and 2 had a special visit from Mr Wadham, a representative from Bugfest! The pupils enjoyed a ‘crazy creature’ show, where they were told facts and stories about the creatures and then given the opportunity to meet some of the insects!

Pupils were very excited to hold insects such as cockroaches, stick insects and centipedes. They enjoyed hearing all about the fantastic creatures and their importance in our world. The pupils learnt lots of new facts, such as there are more insects in the world than grains of sand!

Even members of staff were brave enough to meet some of the creepy crawlies up close and personal. Miss Peat and Miss Day were very brave to hold a tarantula!

The pupils then enjoyed having a picture with a spider exoskeleton as a reward for their excellent behaviour.


Prep 1 & 2 Bugfest!

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