Posted: 30th May 2022

Deputy Head, Caitlin H, Year 12, has taken the time to reflect on the first opening of our new Sixth Form social night, the Anchor & Buzzard.

On the 26th May, a new feature of Leweston’s Sixth Form opened – the Anchor and Buzzard! As Deputy Head, the Head Prefect (Florence K, Year 12) and I were given the honour of officially starting, and revealing the new sign of “The Anchor and Buzzard”. The evening consisted of music, all of which was collated to fit everyone’s tastes, with food (which on this particular night was a selection of curry, Naan bread, rice and poppadums’), as well as alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks.

From the very beginning of the event, the atmosphere was lively and up-beat. The Sixth Form were delighted to be given this new experience, in a safe environment, to get a taste of what life following Sixth Form is like. It was the perfect evening to relax, chat, and enjoy each other’s company. Although Sixth Form are able to socialise during school time, there are often difficulties that arise if we want to meet outside of school because of how far away we live from one another, and if boarding students return home. However, because the Anchor and Buzzard events will occur after school on a week day, this means that everyone can attend!

As well as this, the event started at 7 o’clock which gave the students time to get all homework and revision completed so that we could fully relax later on. I believe that to be a successful student a strong work-life balance must be held, and the Anchor and Buzzard is the perfect way for students to relax after a busy half term of studying, and feel that we are being rewarded for all of our hard-work.

Below are some of Sixth Form’s thoughts on the event:

“I had a great time at the Anchor and Buzzard! I spent the whole evening laughing”.

“The Anchor and Buzzard event was really relaxed and enjoyable! A lovely event with friends”.

Overall, the opening of the Anchor and Buzzard was extremely successful and a lovely evening that will stay forever in our memories of Leweston Sixth Form. In the future, we can only hope to expand the horizon as more Anchor and Buzzard evenings occur, packed full with a plethora of entertaining activities and themes.

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