Posted: 6th June 2022

Martina M, Year 12, from day one hit the ground running at Leweston. Mr Barlow saw athletic stardom in her and lent Martina a pair of his daughters cross country trainers. Within days Martina was representing the school at many cross-country events.

Martina also made a fantastic impression across the school academically; contributing to many English literature discussions, setting up camp in the art studio and preparing for her C1 Cambridge English exam in the EAL classroom. Martina enjoyed dipping into different subjects on offer at Sixth Form level.

Martina truly appreciated every experience she was apart of and could always be seen down the corridor with a smile on her face or chatting with various staff and students too, we wish her all the best back home in Italy.

Martina left this message:

“With a heartful of sadness and melancholy today, 26th May, after 5 months of happiness at Leweston School, it’s time for me to say goodbye to all of my friends, my teachers and the Headmaster. 

I have waited for this experience in a boarding school for years and unfortunately now I am already at the end of it. I can not believe that I have already spent a term and half at Leweston; I suppose that it’s a good point because if someone is happy, the time seems to move quicker than it actually is. 

My home is placed in quite a big city, therefore the sound of the cars have always been heard by me, at Leweston the only sounds I could hear from my bedroom, in the boarding house, have been the laughs of the students and the melody of the musical instruments from the music block, which I have appreciated. Thanks to Leweston, I started loving being surrounded by peacefulness and quietness. 

Even though my parents, during the months of my stay, were really far from me, I almost felt at home thanks to the amazing and friendly people I met in the boarding house. 

The whole education system is much more different compared to the Italian one, but I think I embraced it quite easily and without many troubles. For example, something that I was not really used to doing, was to share meals with my school friends. In Italy students attend lessons in the morning only and they go back home for lunch. I really enjoyed doing it because lunch or supper could be a moment when you can have a chat and it gives the chance to become much closer friends with people. I think I have enjoyed every single moment at school and outside of it; my days have been, since the beginning, full of activities. My days have been fulfilled by Biology, English, Maths and Art, as well as training for cross country and swimming. I have always been really sensitive to cold but now I am not anymore because of the running competitions that I took part in at the temperature of a couple of degrees. Thanks to my English teachers, now my knowledge of the language is much more advanced than it used to be. Furthermore, I have always been really fascinated by the sciences and the study of tissues and organs of the human body, but I have never had the opportunity to do some practical’s and to experience what has been previously only studied in a textbook.

Moreover, thanks to this experience I am feeling much more confident with myself and I am much less shy. I used to be a bit influenced by other people, instead of making my own choices, maybe because of the fear of committing some mistakes; now, instead, I am able to fight confidently for my beliefs and opinions. I have blossomed during these months and I can only thank the school for this opportunity to do so. 

I hope to have, in the future, the opportunity to come visit the school again.”

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