Posted: 24th June 2022

Marketing and Enrichment Prefect, Caitlin H, Year 12, summarises her experience in the enrichment afternoon and how these newly learnt skills can help a young person getting ready for the future in terms of independence.

As part of the sixth form enrichment program, we were given a series of talks with helpful advice for the future. This included:

  • A personal finance talk with Mrs Crabbes,
  • A lesson on car maintenance with the School estate staff,
  • A lesson on how to budget once leaving home with Miss Hobson.

The personal finance talk was crucial for helping us as students understand the importance of researching banks as students, how tax works when you are employed (or self-employed), the significance of checking interest rates when taking out student loans, and how essential it is to have a good credit score for the future, as well as much more. It was an incredibly interesting discussion that helped us as students, who will soon have to be exploring this, to have an understanding and detailed knowledge on something that will effect our futures.

Following this, we were split into two groups to have a car maintenance lesson at the estate yard. Here, we were not only taught about the importance of ensuring that brake fluid and engine fluid (among other things) are regularly checked and filled to the correct amount,  but how to check the air pressure tyres, and what we should do if by accident petrol is placed into a diesel car. As many of us are currently learning to drive, or have passed their tests, this was essential information to ensure that we are kept as safe as possible.

In a similar way, we were given a lesson by Miss Hobson around the importance of using budgeting sheets/ apps to ensure that we control our financial income and outcome. As well as it being incredibly interesting to find out how much making meals actually costs, it also helped make us aware of how much saving will be necessary as students because of the overall costs of accommodation and luxuries. This was also an important lesson as it helped make us conscious of the idea of budgeting, so that we can become prepared before reaching university/apprenticeships.

Overall, the enrichment program was especially helpful for making us, as Year 12, feel prepared and confident for the future. We are incredibly grateful for all those who contributed their knowledge to provide these discussions and lessons.

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