How it feels as a Ukrainian studying at a British school

Posted: 13th November 2023

 Sonya joined Leweston in Spring last year, shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine. It was an entirely unexpected upheaval of the life she knew and not a move that she had ever planned for. However, since joining Leweston Sonya has embraced life in England and at the school.

It is truly remarkable to witness the resilience and adaptability of individuals like Sonya, who faced unexpected challenges but found a new home at Leweston. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for embracing life in England and at the school are commendable.

Sonya’s dedication to mastering the English language highlights her commitment to personal growth and integration into her new environment. The fact that she has impressed her teachers with her linguistic development is a testament to her hard work and determination. With a dream to work in Marketing, Sonya was keen to write a blog piece to contribute to the school website, providing a small insight into life as a Ukrainian studying in England and navigating life in a foreign country. Her willingness to contribute to the school website demonstrates her proactive approach to pursuing her dreams and sharing her unique perspective.

Her written piece can be read below.

A new country is scary, especially when you had no plans to move there, and it was a fast decision. Before war started, I had never thought about living or being educated in the UK. Even though my Aunt has been living here for some time and, in theory, I could move to her home, it seemed impossible because I never wanted to leave my country at such an early age. However, after the full-scale invasion, my Mum and I had to make the safest decision, so we chose England because of our family connections.

At first, I was worried about everything: how to speak English, how to communicate with British people and what was going to happen to my future. My Aunt helped me to find a school to continue my education and I have never regretted my choice. I was so lucky to get into Leweston School, my worries stopped after I saw all of the opportunities that were now available for my future. A UK education is very different to the Ukrainian system but it is more suited to my preferences. Leweston has beautiful surroundings that motivate me, kind teachers who help me with translations and are patient, with a nice community and active social life because of the many clubs and activities. Here, I am working towards my dream career in Marketing. During my first 3 months in the UK I had huge anxieties, but now I am more relaxed and feel safe which is hugely due to Leweston and its community.

I would like to thank everybody who has made my stay more comfortable and allowed me to develop as a British student.  

Sonya T, Year 13

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