Posted: 22nd January 2024

The Nursery children had a truly extraordinary and enlightening morning with the incredibly talented Avtar, immersing themselves in the rich and vibrant tapestry of Indian culture! Avtar mesmerised the group with his skills on the traditional Indian drum, filling the air with rhythmic beats that transported the children to another world.

Everyone was captivated as they closely examined the intricate details of traditional Indian clothing, and the joy of donning these garments themselves was an experience like no other. To the lively tunes of traditional music, the children eagerly absorbed the art of Bollywood dance under Avtar’s expert guidance. Excitement soared as Avtar unveiled an array of captivating artifacts, including perfumes, fascinating Indian instruments, and even remarkable traditional vehicles. Avtar graciously taught us the elegant art of draping a saree, and discussed the Indian spring festival, ‘Holi’!


Nursery Indian Workshop

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