Posted: 22nd January 2024

Last week, Reception Class had an absolutely amazing Superhero WOW Day. The children were all dressed up in their fabulous outfits and had the opportunity to proudly stand up in assembly to receive Leweston Learner Confident stickers (and show off their incredible costumes!).

During the day, the children had a blast cutting and colouring their very own superhero masks. They also got creative and made edible Thor’s hammers and Captain America’s shields. In addition, they used their imagination to design and create their very own superhero tools using recycled materials. The leftover bread from making the shields was even put to good use by being blitzed and added to our Prep School bird feeders!

As part of their exciting day, Reception Class also had the chance to visit the School Chapel. Here, they learned how to respectfully approach the altar and gracefully bow. They also had the opportunity to closely observe and learn about important features of the chapel, such as the ‘altar’, ‘aisle’, and ‘lectern’.

Overall, it was an absolutely fantastic day filled with fun and learning.


Reception Superhero WOW Day

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