Visa Guidance

Leweston is a registered Tier 4 Sponsor and is fully licensed to issue Tier 4 Visas.

Once an international student accepts their offer we will apply for a reference number called a confirmation of acceptance for studies or CAS. The CAS number is required for the pupil’s visa application. As soon as the CAS number is received it is shared with the student's family or agent to enable them to make an application for the visa.

All students entering the UK for more than than 6 months will receive a Biometric Residence Permit or BRP. This is usually sent direct to the school and will be held on the student's file for the duration of their study, or the visa expiry date. At the beginning of the Autumn Term the school arranges for Dorset Police to meet all of the new international students in order to issue a Certificate of Registration. 

There are occasions when a pupil is living in a country which requires a UK visa but holds a passport of a nationality that does not, in these instances a CAS number is not required.

The Admissions Team will liaise will students and their families throughout this process. 

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