Places can be taken more than a year in advance of entry, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t space after that time. As a rule of thumb it is helpful for parents to start talking to us two years before their child is due to join.


All pupils who have expressed interest in joining Leweston in Year 7 are invited for an activity day when they are in Year 5. This usually takes place in June and is a great opportunity to experience a fun day at the school and meet some of the other pupils who will be in their year group in the future. Your child will then be invited to the Year 7 Assessment Day which takes place in the Spring Term of Year 6. This event allows the pupils to get to know each other and the school. The day incorporates a range of fun activities with tours of the school. In the morning all those attending will also sit the school assessment which provides us with important information about each child’s core skills and supports our preparation for their academic programme. If your child is interested in boarding it may be possible to stay for a boarding taster. To reserve your place for the 2022 event please click on the button below:

Year 7 Assessment Day 2022

At this point a reference is requested from your current school. After the Assessment Day places will be offered. Offers are typically made by way of a letter to parents. Offers may be open for acceptance for a limited time only. You will be asked to secure your place by completing the Acceptance Form and paying a deposit (which is returned against your final school bill). Joining information will then be shared with you ahead of your child’s start date.

All entrants are also welcome to join us  for a personal taster to experience a typical Year 7 timetable. We are happy to assess your child at other times during the year and places will be offered subject to availability.

Joining Year 8

Candidates interested in Years 8 will be invited to spend a day at the school with the year group they will be joining. They will participate in a normal timetable of lessons and be accompanied throughout by a nominated pupil guardian. Pupils will sit an age appropriate school assessment. They will also attend a short informal interview with the Head. After the day feedback will be given and places will be offered.

If you have questions about joining the Senior School please visit our Knowledge Base, a library of frequently asked questions which can tell you more about the admissions process as well as life at the school.

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