All prospective pupils are encouraged try out the school for the day by joining us for Taster Day.

We offer group taster events as well as individual tasters, arranged on a date and time to suit you and your family. You can have as many taster days as you need and many pupils come to a group event before visiting for a personal taster. We understand that the more times your child visits Leweston whether through tasters, holiday clubs or events, the less daunting the move to school will be.

Group tasters are typically themed and will run according to a distinct programme. For individual tasters pupils will join their prospective classmates for a normal teaching day. They will have a guardian throughout the day so that they do not get lost or worry about where to go next. We will ensure that we let you know if sports kit or any other equipment is needed on the day. Both types of event provide a good feel for what life at Leweston is like. For any family considering boarding, we offer boarding taster days and nights too.

This year’s group taster, or Activity Day for pupils in Year 5 is taking place on Friday 17 June. Places can be booked by clicking on the button below:

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If you would like to book a personal taster day for your child please contact the Registrar, June Smith, via the form below:

If you have questions about joining Leweston please visit our Knowledge Base, a library of frequently asked questions which can tell you more about the admissions process as well as life at the school.

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