One award is available for each age group at a fixed amount of £1000 per annum.

Leweston has an exceptional Sports Department offering a wide range of different sporting opportunities. Pupils applying for a Sport scholarship are expected to show outstanding ability and potential, demonstrate a good level of fitness and be able to play as part of a team.

Award holders are expected take part in sports activities with total commitment and enthusiasm. They must attend practices and matches throughout the year as well as represent the school at national and local events. Award holders have the opportunity to participate in mentoring programmes, specialist coaching opportunities, and training programmes.

Sport scholars represent the school throughout their school career. If a scholar chooses to withdraw from participation in school teams they will be required to resign the scholarship.

Candidates are expected to offer at least at least two of the following as their sport: hockey, netball, cross-country, tennis, athletics, swimming, rugby and football. For players of exceptional talent sports outside of this list may be considered. At least one of these should be played to a high standard, preferably County standard or above.

As part of the application candidates are required to send a sports CV, including all previous sporting achievements, responsibilities and qualifications as well as letters of reference from two coaches.

Candidates should attend an assessment day with members of the PE Department where they are expected to show excellence and flexibility in performance, stamina and coordination. Where appropriate, they will compete against or with existing students. They will also be required to demonstrate their technical skills and tactical knowledge of their chosen sports. Applicants should be conversant with rules and training schedules for their sports, relative to their age and standard, as well as current topics of debate, they should be prepared to answer questions in an interview with the Director of Sport. Candidates should bring all their own kit and equipment for the day. In addition, candidates will attend a short interview with the Headmaster.

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