School moves can happen throughout the academic year for various reasons and we understand it may seem daunting to join a class that has already established itself. Here at Leweston we are experienced in ensuring a smooth transition, whenever it happens.  If you are considering a mid-year admission here are the steps you would need to take:

  • Contact our Admissions team for advice on space availability in your chosen year group: telephone 01963 211015 or email [email protected]. They will also be able to answer any immediate questions you have about the school.
  • Come and visit us to meet the Head, the staff and most importantly our current students.
  • Book a Taster Day with us so that your child can spend time getting to know both their classmates and new subject teachers as well as get a feel for life at Leweston. A Taster Day may involve the school assessment, this is just for us to better understand your child’s needs and there is no preparation or revision required.

The GCSE and A Level years

For critical year groups such as GCSE (Years 10 & 11) and A Level (Years 12 & 13) we would also arrange a meeting with the Deputy Head, who leads the academic programme of the school. He will be able offer advice on matching subject choices and exam boards. The academic approach we have at Leweston offers a degree of flexibility and we will always try to accommodate your child’s current choices and, as much as possible, enable them to continue with their studies. You can view our current GCSE booklet and A Level Course Directory by following these links.

What to do next?

We recognise that moving your child to a new school can be unsettling and the team are on hand to guide you through the entire admissions process from initial registration to your first day. June and Amanda can discuss your individual requirements, and book an appointment to visit.

The process can be completed incredibly swiftly and, if we are able to offer a place, this can often be done within days of your enquiry and visit – minimising anxious waiting times and uncertainty for parents and students. Our reputation for outstanding pastoral care means that our staff are experts in making sure that any worries or concerns about moving school are handled sensitively and that pupils are helped to settle in quickly. Our friendly school community is ready to welcome you.