It’s great to see how our Old Antonians’ progress after leaving Leweston and we aim to keep strong ties with everyone who attended our School. Many pupils come back to visit, keep us updated and continue to inspire our current students.

We would love to hear what you have been up to since leaving the School and keep you up to date with life at Leweston, staff and fellow former pupils.

You can stay connected directly with the school, as well as by following the Leweston Old Antonian’s Facebook Page.



You can call on 01963 211010 or email Our OA Facebook page is also great for catching up with current school activities and getting back in touch with old classmates.

Feel free to contact us with any updates, questions or to arrange to come and see the School, we would love to have you back!


  • We are delighted to share with you the recording from our 2020 ‘Concert in a Day’ event. The OA Choir features at the beginning and at 57 minutes in.

Concert in a day | Recording


Visit our Events page to find out more about upcoming events.

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