Life in Boarding

7.00 Rise and shine
7.30 Breakfast in the Dining Hall
8.00 Room check
8.20  Registration
4.20 School day ends with tea in the Dining Hall
4.45 First activity
5.45 Supervised Prep
6.45 Supper
7.15 House Round-Up
7.30 Second activity or supervised Prep
20.30 Free time until lights out


At the end of the school day, there are activities and prep. After supper, each House comes together in a Common Room for a House Roundup to find out how everyone is, how the day was and to pass on messages. Older years have a second activity or supervised prep session after the House meeting after which is time to relax and talk to family and friends before bed.

All boarders have a set bedtime, and must be in their dorms fifteen minutes before, settling down for the night. After lights out everyone must be quiet in the dorm or in their rooms and settle down to sleep. 


Boarders go to bed at different times, depending on their year group.

  • Year 5 and 6: Technology handed in at 8.30pm, bedtime 9.00pm
  • Year 7 and 8: Technology handed in at 8.30pm, bedtime 9.00pm
  • Year 9: Technology handed in at 9.00pm, bedtime 9.30pm
  • Year 10 and 11: Technology handed in 9.30, bedtime 10.00pm
  • Sixth Form: in bedroom by 10.00pm, lights out 11.30pm at the latest


Weekends have a more relaxed format, with pupils enjoying breakfast later in the morning. For Years 7 and 8 there is a prep session on Saturday morning followed by a teacher-led activity. Prep boarders spend this time in House. The afternoons many pupils take part in sports matches but there is always a planned activity, usually a trip. There will also be the opportunity to relax, tidy up and get ready for the next week, as well as make the most of the beautiful grounds (the bikes and go-karts are very popular on a sunny Sunday afternoon.)

In the evening, there might be a cinema trip, or bowling, or a relaxing night in watching DVDs and eating popcorn. For the older years there are organised socials, often with other schools which many of the day pupils join them for. 

Boarding Handbook

For more information about how boarding works at Leweston download our Boarding Handbook 2020-21.

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