Boarding at Leweston is led by the Director of Boarding, Mrs Simkins-Smith. Each House has a Houseparent and Assistant. Good relationships at all levels and ages are critically important. There is always a member of resident staff on duty in the House, the inclusion of teaching staff in boarding means the pupils have a wide range of adult support and supervision at evenings and weekends.


Every boarder has a Boarding tutor who will meet with them once a week in the evening at a pre-arranged time. The tutors, known as ‘Florins’ are members of academic staff who provide extra pastoral and academic support. Florins are a resource only available to boarding pupils.


At Leweston, we believe each pupil has gifts and talents that they can share with everyone so boarders are encouraged to take on roles within the houses to support and help each other.

The Boarding Prefect leads a team of senior boarders who act as the boarders’ representatives and advise and assist boarders of all ages. The boarding prefect chairs the termly boarding council meetings which acts as a forum for ideas and discussion about boarding life.

Peer mentors are Sixth Formers who have successfully completed a training programme to support new pupils. Mentors and Mentees meet regularly to chat informally about school life and talk through any settling in issues.

Home Groups consist of pupils from each year group in the same School House (More, Mayne, Campion or Fisher) and are led by Peer Mentors. These groups meet weekly to chat about general school life and support school community projects.

Boarding Year Representatives maintain, review and enhance the quality of life for boarders. The ‘year reps’ play a significant role in suggesting and discussing changes, so that all years’ views and ideas are fairly represented. The year reps report to the boarding prefect, as well as to the appropriate Houseparent/Assistant Housemistress. The year reps attend Boarding Council meetings.

The International Boarding Committee acts as a forum for all international pupils, to help organise and promote world events and festivals, liaise with other international pupils in local schools and to promote the integration of all pupils.