Nursery Life

Leweston Nursery welcomes children from 3 months to 4 years and is divided into four ‘units’, based on age; Babies, Toddlers, Transition 1 and Transition 2. Each unit has a number of key staff and one will be directly assigned to be your child’s key worker.

Your key worker will take lead responsibility for your child’s care and development. However, at Leweston, our staff work extremely closely with all children and form strong bonds with all of them. We deliberately develop these relationships so that your child will always feel happy and confident at Nursery, no matter which members of staff they may be with. Your key worker will be your first contact at Nursery, but any member of the team or leadership will always be happy to help with any enquiry.

The Nursery day starts at 7.30am when some children arrive for breakfast club in the baby room. Nursery formally opens 8.00am and remains open until 6pm, with two sessions: Morning 8am—1pm and Afternoon 1pm—6pm. Children arrive throughout the morning and you are welcome to collect your child at the most suitable time for you.

Morning activities involve a host of indoor and outdoor activity in our beautiful free-flow building, with continual access to the outdoor classroom and garden. The older children form small groups for circle time and more focused activities and our youngest children enjoy coming together for songs and rhymes and language development. Each child’s day is different, with their needs individually tended to, and their next steps in development closely monitored and met.

At 10.00am all the children enjoy a morning snack. This is varied and we ensure that a wide range of flavours and textures are introduced. The children all drink plenty of water or milk with their snacks, and throughout the day.

At 12.00 every child goes to the main school dining room to enjoy a ‘family’ meal time. The children eat alongside their key workers and peers, with adults enjoying the same food to model good eating habits and table manners. The menu changes regularly and is published in the Parents area as well as on the Healthy Eating page. We are able to cater for all dietary requirements. The meals are delicious and are always nutritionally balanced. A simple pudding of fruit, yogurt and occasional cake is also provided.

After lunch, many children sleep in our beautiful sleep space. This room, complete with twinkly fairy-lights and relaxing music, is the perfect place to ensure that your child gets high-quality sleep during their Nursery day. We work to your routine, following any guidelines you have with regards to sleep limits and patterns.

At 2.00pm the children have another snack and at 4.00pm we return to the dining room for tea, which is a light meal. Afternoon activities can include water play, painting, dressing up, music and dance, den building, obstacle courses, bike riding and so much more…

By late afternoon, parents arrive to collect. A detailed hand-over is provided for every child so that you know about every element of their busy day!

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