It is impossible to timetable ‘academic enrichment’ as it takes place across all aspects of school life: physical activity, social interaction, peer relationships, community involvement, intellectual challenge and variety.

As the world beyond the school places greater emphasis on ‘life skills’ Leweston looks to instil in its pupils a love of learning and engage their natural curiosity both inside and outside the classroom.

Staff willingly give of themselves and their time. They are regularly available at lunchtimes, after school and at weekends particularly for those in the examination years. They are highly experienced in teaching to the needs of the individual and engaging with different types of learners.

Study trips, seminars and lectures, after-school extension activities all contribute to the enrichment programme. Close links with other local schools and community organisations provide wide-ranging opportunities to meet and talk to politicians, scientists, leading sportsmen and women and authors to name but a few. Several departments have strong links with universities, including the Chemistry Department at Bristol with whom our pupils have engaged in research into climate change.

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