GCSE and A Level Fine Art Trip to London

GCSE and A Level Fine Art Trip to London

Friday, October 19, 2018

Year 12 and 13 

On 10 October Sixth Form had the pleasure of going up to London on an art trip. We were taken to the Tate Britain, Tate Modern and the Hayward Gallery where we visited a range of exhibitions.

My favourite exhibition was held in the Hayward Gallery, it was called Space Shifters. For me this opened up a whole new window of art as it presented a wide range of installations and sculptures that played with the viewer’s sense of perception, as nothing was as it seemed. Most of the works featured an element of reflection or movement.

We also went to an exhibition in the Tate Modern which I found really thought-provoking. It was by an artist named Jenny Holzer and it looked at words, expressions and the responses to them and how they affect you and the people around you. She was able to present this in many forms such as projections, posters and even in textiles. I found this really gripping in the sense that some of the phrases she used in the work were extremely powerful yet simple and would sometimes contradict each other in what they said and implied. 

Ottilie M S

Year 10 and 11

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