Education should provide children with the tools that they need to lead happy, fulfilling lives; to create stable and caring communities and to protect the planet for future generations.

The IAPS curriculum for social responsibility promotes the well-being, rights, responsibility, knowledge, skills and opportunities for young people to become valuable and constructive members of society. The world is changing at an ever-faster rate, and education needs to respond to this in order to effectively prepare our pupils for the world of tomorrow.

At Leweston Prep, all pupils are taught about issues of social responsibility on a weekly basis, covering topics like consumerism, climate change, biodiversity, deforestation, fast fashion and more. Our aim is to develop pupils who are globally aware, who care about their world, their role within it and understand the positive impact that they can make upon it.

A physiological connection and emotional understanding of these issues will generate the feelings which challenge and inform the thinking of our young people and, in turn,  impact their long term behaviours.


The Leweston Learner
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