GCSE RESULTS 2016 – 2021

% Grade 8, 9 and D* (A*)102729334548
% Grade 7 (A)232514182119
% Grade 5 and 6 (B)292937302926
% Grade 4 (C)2616121455
% Grade 9 to 5 (A* to B)628181819593


For over 30 years the Centre for Evaluating and Monitoring (CEM) at Durham University have produced value-added data for pupils of all ages and for over a decade Leweston has sat within the top 5% of schools in the country in this important measure. However, parents often ask what exactly value-added means?

When pupils start at Leweston they sit a standardised set of national assessments which provide a baseline against which future progress can be measured. The ‘value-added’ is simply a measure of how much better a student does than their baseline data would predict; literally the value that is added to the pupil’s progress by studying at the school. Over the past two years over 32% of the GCSE grades achieved at Leweston were one or more grades above baseline predictions, proving, once again, the exceptional value that is added to our pupils’ results thanks to the pupils’ positive mind-sets and the exceptional support from our professional and dedicated staff.

The Leweston Learner
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