Welcome From the Headmaster

Welcome to our fantastic school. It is a great privilege to be Headmaster of such a vibrant and engaging community.

At Leweston we offer an environment where children feel comfortable to grow, but are nonetheless challenged to act and think independently. We encourage them to try everything on offer so we can nurture their talents to achieve great things. We celebrate success with them but also teach them that it is part of life to make mistakes; without new experiences they will not discover who they are and what they can achieve. We will allow them to experience failure, but we will never let them fail and, like you, we will never fail them. It is this process of discovery that allows us to bring out the very best in every pupil and help them to achieve more than they thought possible.

Leweston is a Catholic school which welcomes pupils of all faiths and none. We have a distinctive and inclusive ethos based on exemplary pastoral care for day pupils and boarders alike. We pride ourselves on understanding our pupils’ emotional and academic needs and recognise that these will change during their journey with us. We set high standards both inside and outside the classroom, and our values of community, opportunity and expertise are the bedrock of our school.

The independence, willingness to try and resilience instilled at Leweston mean that our pupils go into the world with the confidence to achieve. They have the ability to adapt, to work alongside different people in new environments and to embrace change. Past pupils are now business leaders, engineers, pilots, scientists, entrepreneurs, medics working on the frontline in war-torn countries, architects, world record breaking rowers and politicians to name a few. The school is delighted to have helped them on their way by unleashing the true potential in each and every one of them.

Visitors quickly discover what a busy and happy school Leweston is. I look forward to welcoming you here soon.

John Paget-Tomlinson, Headmaster of Leweston Senior School
B.A. (Hons), M.A, MSc, MRes, PGCE.

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The Leweston Learner
From Nursery to Sixth Form Leweston shares an educational approach that helps our pupils develop an attitude to learning they can apply across the curriculum, as well as in the wider world. Click on the five key characteristics to find out more.
Scholarships at Leweston

Each year Leweston is proud to award scholarships which recognise and encourage pupils with talent, potential and who we believe will make a significant contribution to the life of the school. Scholarships are available for Academic Excellence and in Art and Design, Equestrian, Music, Drama, Sport and Pentathlon.

Application Deadline:

Sixth Form | 10 November 2023 (CLOSED)
11+ and 13+ | 5 January 2024

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