The Art and Design Department at Leweston is a lively and original place which offers the pupils an opportunity to explore a range of creative areas. Pupils are able to study Fine Art, Ceramics, Computer Aided Design, Photography, Woodworking and Textiles are part of the curriculum for Years 7, 8 and 9. GCSE courses in Fine Art, Textiles and 3D Design are available with A Level courses offered in Fine Art, Textiles, Photography and 3D Design. The Department also provides creative clubs for all ages. Leweston pupils have gone on to study art foundation or degree courses at UWE, Camberwell, Brighton, Chelsea, Central St Martins, Loughborough and Falmouth. We have former pupils working with Vivian Westwood and Tom Ford, at Selfridges, with Elizabeth Arden, at Terperly London and at Sleek Magazine.


Leweston has a dedicated Art and Design Centre which houses studios that cater for Fine Art, Textiles, Photography and 3D Design as well as dedicated studios for Sixth Form. The facilities include:

  • 3D Printing and laser cutting facilities
  • Ceramics studio
  • Creative graphics suite
  • Photographic dark room
  • Sewing studio
  • Resistant materials workshop
  • Fine Art studios

These diverse spaces, combined with dedicated specialist teachers, give the pupils the resources they require for their talents to develop. We offer our exam year students access to the Department outside of lesson time including evenings and weekends, allowing the students to practise discipline and develop independent working.


Fine Art is part of the curriculum for Years 7 to 9 and is then offered at both GCSE and A Level. Pupils can study sculpture, installation art, lens-based media, printmaking, painting and drawing and digital manipulation.

The Department uses a broad range of sources from the historical to the contemporary, introducing a diverse mix of processes and techniques. Trips to local and national galleries inspire, diversify and enrich the students’ practice and the A Level students attend life drawing classes which are hugely beneficial in improving their observational skills and highly regarded when applying to Art Courses post A Level. Every year the examination students exhibit their work for parents and invited guests.


Fashion and Textile Design is part of the curriculum for Years 7 to 9 and is then offered at both GCSE and A Level. Fashion and Textile students can study painting and drawing, textile art, interior design, print and surface embellishment, garment construction, digital manipulation and studio and fashion photography

Pupils are guided through a broad range of processes and techniques as well as studying sources from historical and contemporary fashion and craft designers. Every year the Department hosts a Fashion Show which showcases work from all year groups and is modelled by the students’ themselves.


3D Design is part of the curriculum for Years 7 to 9 and is then offered at both GCSE and A Level. 3D Design students can study architectural design, sculpture, product design, jewellery and body adornment, exhibition design, 3D digital design, designs for theatre, film and TV and environmental/landscape/garden design. 3D Design is a diverse course which draws on intellectual, creative and practical skills. Pupils are taught skills in model making, construction, surface treatment, assembling and modelling. Final outcomes can be made from the pupil’s own choice of materials and can include wood, metal, plaster, plastic and found materials.


Offered at A Level Photography students can study Portraiture, landscape photography, still-life photography, documentary photography, experimental imagery, editorial photography, photographic installation, the photographic process and animation. A Level students explore both digital and traditional photographic methods over two years. With year one treated as a foundation year, students are taught the necessary skills whilst being encouraged to explore their creativity.

Students have access to the dark room and computers with the full suite of Adobe software meaning that they are able to explore both traditional photographic methods as well as more modern digital photography.


Leweston offers Art and Design scholarships at Year 7 and Year 9 entry. At both stages candidates are asked to demonstrate a track record of achievement and interest in Art and Design in or outside of their current school. Art scholars participate in creative scholars’ projects and attend workshops run by the Department. They are also asked to produce art for events and for display in the school, attend additional classes and assist with workshops, events and clubs. For more information visit our Scholarships page.

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Scholarships at Leweston

Each year Leweston is proud to award scholarships which recognise and encourage pupils with talent, potential and who we believe will make a significant contribution to the life of the school. Scholarships are available for Academic Excellence and in Art and Design, Equestrian, Music, Drama, Sport and Pentathlon.

Application Deadline:

Sixth Form | 10 November 2023 (CLOSED)
11+ and 13+ | 5 January 2024

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