Drama is a lively, dynamic subject at Leweston and an important part of school life. By participating in the many and varied productions pupils learn not only about themselves but about the world around them. They start to see how the arts explore and comment on the world and the process of putting on a play teaches them invaluable life skills of creativity, compromise, and collaboration. The benefit of increasing confidence is unquestionable and an invaluable transferable skill.

There are a number of extra-curricular opportunities including Theatre visits, lunchtime Drama clubs and participation in whole school productions to develop their love of the subject and give the students a variety of cultural experiences.

The school runs several productions throughout the year including the annual whole school play or musical, an annual sixth form drama project linked to A Level Theatre Studies and a junior play. There are also numerous opportunities to enjoy and participate in drama from House plays to major productions and assemblies.


LAMDA Speech and Drama classes are a popular option. Pupils can join individual and group lessons and are prepared for examinations in Grades 1 to 8. There are also extremely successful visits to the Mid Somerset Festival as well as the annual Solo Acting Competition for local schools held at Sherborne School’s Powell Theatre.

Technical Team

Those pupils who prefer to be behind the stage can also find their place. Run as a regular club, the Technical Team supply sound, lighting and stage management to the school events and productions.

Academic Drama

Drama is taught as part of the curriculum throughout Years 7 to 9 where the students learn about a range of different styles of theatre from Classical Greek Theatre, Shakespeare and Melodrama to the more modern genres such as Naturalism, Theatre in Education and Physical Theatre. The students are also able to hone their performance skills by learning about a variety of explorative strategies in using the voice and body to interpret character, storyline and the opportunity to devise their own performance material.

Drama GCSE can be taken as an option in Year 10 where practical units are assessed along with written portfolios. A Level Theatre Studies offers an even more sophisticated analysis including the study of practitioners like Brecht, Stanislavski and Artaud and the technical and design side of theatre. As well as the written papers, there are extensive practical workshops in all exam groups focusing on plays and themes. Both at GCSE and A Level, pupils are required to develop productions for public performance and have many opportunities to see live theatre.

The Drama curriculum is designed to inspire and engage all learners in exploring Drama and Theatre. Its ambitious content and high expectations promote thought-provoking discussions and develop confidence. Students learn to collaborate with others, think analytically and evaluate effectively. They gain the confidence to pursue their own ideas, reflect and refine their efforts. Whatever the future holds, Drama at Leweston ensures the students emerge with a toolkit of transferable skills, applicable both in further studies and in the workplace.

Drama Scholarships

Leweston offers Drama scholarships at Year 7 and Year 9 entry. At both stages candidates are asked to demonstrate a track record of achievement and interest in drama in or outside of their current school. Drama scholars take a leading role in school productions and act as internal advocate for theatre and the dramatic arts. For more information visit our Scholarships page.

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Scholarships at Leweston

Each year Leweston is proud to award scholarships which recognise and encourage pupils with talent, potential and who we believe will make a significant contribution to the life of the school. Scholarships are available for Academic Excellence and in Art and Design, Equestrian, Music, Drama, Sport and Pentathlon.

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Sixth Form | 10 November 2023 (CLOSED)
11+ and 13+ | 5 January 2024

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