Leweston has an excellent academic record with students achieving some of the best Sixth Form results in the region. Highlights for 2022 included:

  • Students achieved over twice the national average at A*
  • For the fourth year running, over half of the results were A* or A
  • A third of students gained all A*s and As between them
  • 100% of results in English Literature, Religious Studies and Fine Art were A* and A
  • In the six languages taken, over two thirds of entries achieved A* and A grades.
  • All candidates in Further Maths received an A.

The Leweston Learner
From Nursery to Sixth Form Leweston shares an educational approach that helps our pupils develop an attitude to learning they can apply across the curriculum, as well as in the wider world. Click on the five key characteristics to find out more.
Scholarships at Leweston

Each year Leweston is proud to award scholarships which recognise and encourage pupils with talent, potential and who we believe will make a significant contribution to the life of the school. Scholarships are available for Academic Excellence and in Art and Design, Equestrian, Music, Drama, Sport and Pentathlon.

Application Deadline:

Sixth Form | 10 November 2023 (CLOSED)
11+ and 13+ | 5 January 2024

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