Sixth Form Frequently Asked Questions


How many students join the Sixth Form?

Leweston welcomes a number of new students into the Sixth Form every year both as day pupils and boarders. A typical intake would be around 12 with the Sixth Form as a whole averaging 55 students. Potential Sixth Form students can attend a Sixth Form Information event in the Autumn term as well as attend for a personal taster day. 

How many subjects do Sixth Form students study?

Leweston offers a choice of 20 different subjects and two different qualification types: A Levels and BTECS. Most students take three subjects but some students will follow four, usually where both Mathematics and Further Mathematics are studied. If a student is not sure of their final combination it is possible for them to start four subjects with a view to dropping one them in their first Autumn Term. This enables them to make an informed decision in their choices. We strongly believe that a focus on quality not quantity is key to achieving good grades. 

Students who wish to broaden their study can take the Extended Project Qualification or EPQ which is ideal way for them to study something they are interested in but is not part of their main curriculum.

For more information visit the Finding the Right Course page

How many students go on to Russell Group universities?

In the past five years 56% of Sixth Form leavers have gone on to study at Russell Group universities. Academic ambition is an important part of the Sixth Form at Leweston but so is setting every student on the right path for them. In the same time frame our leavers have won places at 51 different higher education destinations to study a wide variety of courses. The two most popular course 'families' being Science, Maths and Engineering, and Social Sciences. 

For more information visit our Leavers' Destinations and Results pages.

When does the school need to know about subject choices?

At Leweston we try provide maximum flexibility allowing students to choose any combination of subjects, this means there are no proscribed option blocks. Pupils entering the Sixth Form are asked to confirm the subjects they would like to study in early February at which point work begins on the academic timetable. Small adjustments are possible until March at which point subject choices will be constrained by the finalised timetable. 

If you are applying after this point Mrs Smith, the Registrar, and Mr Whittle, the Deputy Head are happy to provide personalised advice about your combination of subjects. 

How big are the class sizes?

Typically Sixth Form classes have between 8 to 10 students but popular subjects may be larger. Some of the more specialist courses, such as Music, could taught in groups of 3 or 4. 

What facilities are available to Sixth Formers?

The Sixth Form Centre is located close to the Library and is shared by all Year 12 and 13 students both day and boarding. It provides space for the students to mix and relax, host guests and incorporates a courtyard garden. There is a study room for day students but the Pensabene and Eleanor libraries are other possibilities. Sixth Form boarders have their own study bedrooms in their Houses. 

As senior members of the school community Sixth Former students are permitted to move freely around the school and both the Art and Design Centre and Music School have A Level Studios purely for their use. 

Away from study, Sixth Form students have unsupervised access to the gym and can use the school's Cedars Café during breaks and study periods. They are free to leave campus during the day as well as after-school as long as sign-out procedures are followed. 

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