Leweston has a reputation for having a clear sense of purpose that guides all we do as a school. Our School values of community and opportunity are reflected in our commitment to exceptional pastoral care and the strength of relationships pupils form both with each other and the staff who support them.

Leweston is a Catholic foundation but we welcome pupils of all denominations and none. Our distinctive ethos, based on sound teaching, moral guidance, pastoral care and the development of the spiritual life, is central to what we are and how we interact with each other.

The Chapel of St Antony is central in the life of the school as the place where Mass and other school services are celebrated. It also plays host to our Choral Society performance and other musical events. It is situated in the heart of the school and is always open so that pupils, staff and parents can find a quiet space. Mass or Liturgy is celebrated on Wednesdays for the whole school. Pupils of all ages participate, from planning the liturgies and taking an active role in the choir, to performing as musicians or acting as servers and readers. Pupils of other faiths are supported in theirown worship.

The whole school comes together for Mass once a fortnight and pupils of all ages participate in planning the liturgies and take an active role as servers, readers, choir and musicians. We often welcome parents, friends and neighbours. Pupils are prepared for First Holy Communion and Confirmation and we often celebrate Baptisms. Pupils of other faiths are supported in their own worship and an Anglican liturgy is held in the School chapel once a term. Boarders join the parishioners of Sherborne for Mass on Saturday evenings.

Although all members of staff are responsible for sustaining and developing Leweston’s religious life, the Chaplaincy team, led by our Chaplaincy Co-ordinator, Mrs Lee Bruller, brullerl@leweston.dorset.sch.uk has particular responsibility for this. The team includes staff members and pupils. Meetings are held fortnightly to discuss the direction of the Chaplaincy, as well as areas for development. The Chaplaincy Team help to prepare pupils for First Holy Communion and Confirmation as well as support Anglican pupils with their own Confirmation classes.

Leweston has a Retreat programme with an event held for each year group over the course of the year. Some are in school whilst others see the pupils going away for a day or longer. Retreats are designed to give each pupil time to step out of everyday school life and reflect on their faith and their relationships with others.

This year we are working towards the CAFOD Live Simply Award. This award is inspired by the words of Pope Francis who asks, “What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up?” The Live Simply Award is an opportunity for Leweston, as a Catholic community, to answer the call to care for our common home and stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world.  

It is a school wide project that has 9 separate elements looking at Global, Local and School based activities. Each will reflect the 7 principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Below are details of each principle and the projects we are working on throughout the year.  


The Leweston Learner
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Scholarships at Leweston

Each year Leweston is proud to award scholarships which recognise and encourage pupils with talent, potential and who we believe will make a significant contribution to the life of the school. Scholarships are available for Academic Excellence and in Art and Design, Equestrian, Music, Drama, Sport and Pentathlon.

Application Deadline:

Sixth Form | 10 November 2023 (CLOSED)
11+ and 13+ | 5 January 2024

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