Senior Leadership Team

Mr John Paget-Tomlinson

John Paget-Tomlinson Leweston School Head
B.A. Hons, M.A (London), MSc, MRes (London),PGCE.

Mr Stuart Whittle

Deputy Head Leweston School
Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning)/Biology
BSc Hons Birmingham

Miss Alanda Phillips

Head of Prep and Early Years/ Prep DSL
BA Hons Winchester, PGCE Bath Spa EFYS Co-ordinator, MA (Ed) Bath Spa, PGCE Buckingham

Miss Juliana Atyeo

Assistant Head Pastoral Leweston School
Assistant Head Pastoral/English/Deputy DSL
BA Hons Leeds, MA London, PGCE Oxon

Mrs Emma Massey

Emma Massey Leweston School
Assistant Head Pastoral/Head of Sixth Form/Senior DSL
BSc Hons Oxford Brookes, PGCE Chichester (Mathematics, EPQ)

Lt Col Gus Scott-Masson

Bursar Leweston School
Manchester School of Business

Miss Claire Worsley

Director of Marketing Leweston School
Director of Marketing and Admissions
MA Oxon, PG Dip (Law)


Head of Prep and Early Years: Miss A Phillips, BA Hons Winchester, PGCE Bath Spa EFYS Co-ordinator, MA (Ed) Bath Spa, PGCE Buckingham

Reception Teacher and Early Years Co-ordinator: Mrs G Cheyne, PGCE & BA (Hons) Psychology Worcester [email protected]

Reception Teaching Assistant: Miss K Brough, [email protected]

Year 1 Teacher: Miss J Bartlett, B.Ed. EYFS Teacher, EYFS SENCo 3 years+ [email protected]

Year 1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Ellery [email protected]

Year 2 Teacher: Miss E Peat, Bachelor of Education Plymouth [email protected]

Year 2 Teaching Assistant: Miss J Day [email protected]

Year 3 Teacher: Miss E Whitfield, BEd Hons with QTS Winchester [email protected]

Year 3 & 5 Teaching Assistant: Miss O Brass [email protected]

Year 4 Teacher: Mr M Tanner, BA Hons Portsmouth, M.Res Southampton, PGCE Kingston [email protected] 

Year 4 Teacher: Mrs A Littlewood, BA Hons Exeter, PGSE Reading [email protected]

Year 5 Teacher: Mrs E Winter, BA Hons, Warwick, PGCE Bath Spa [email protected]

Year 5 Teacher: Mrs J Dycer, BA Hons Portsmouth, PGCE Bath Spa [email protected]

Year 5 & 6 Teacher: Mrs N Hancock, BA Southampton, PGCE UWE [email protected]

Year 6 Teacher: Mrs A Jackson, BA Hons Portsmouth, PGCE Kingston [email protected]

Year 6 Teacher: Mr M McCloskey, BA Hons Winchester [email protected]

Year 6 Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Bourne, [email protected]

Key Stage 2 Teacher: Mr P Horne, BED Hons St Mark and St Johns Plymouth  [email protected]

Prep SENCo: Mrs L Sunderland, BA Hons Sussex, QTS, Teaching Dyslexia and SpLD Dip. [email protected]

Head of Art and Design: Mrs J Lacey-Scott, BA Hons Winchester School of Art, PGCE Buckingham [email protected]

Head of Prep Music and Performing Arts: Mrs J Robotham, BA Hons Bath, PGCE Bath [email protected]

Head of Prep P.E, Games and Activities: Mrs S Smith, BA Hons Chichester, QTS [email protected]

Head of Swimming and Pentathlon: Mr M Flaherty, NVQ Management Level 4 [email protected]

Swimming Pool Manager: Ms A Parnell  [email protected]

Equestrian Manager: Mrs L Roberts [email protected]

PA to the Head of Prep/School Secretary: Mrs L Gillett [email protected]

Prep DDSL, Room Leader (Toddlers): Miss Beth Ford [email protected]


Head of Art and Design: Mrs J Lacey-Scott, BA Hons Winchester School of Art, PGCSE Buckingham [email protected]

Art and Design: Mrs A Wright, MA Royal Academy of Art [email protected]

Art and Design: Miss L Robinson, QTS, BA (Hons) Glamorgan [email protected]

Technician: Mr G Lewis


Classics (Latin): Miss J Howlett, University of Oxford , BA PGCE Sussex [email protected] 

Greek: Mr M. Burton- Brown, TD, MA Oxon


Mr N Stephens, BSC Portsmouth, PGCE King Alfreds College, Winchester [email protected]


Head of English: Mrs S Evans, BA Hons University of Sheffield, PGCE University of London [email protected]

English/Assistant Head Pastoral/Deputy DSL: Miss J Atyeo, BA Hons Leeds, MA London, PGCE Oxon [email protected]

Drama and English: Miss A McIntosh, BA Hons, PGSE Exeter [email protected]

Speech and Drama: Mrs K Pankhurst, HND Theatre and Performing Arts, PGCE [email protected]


Head of Geography: Mrs A Dencher, BA, MA, PGCE Cantab. [email protected]

Geography/PSHRE Co-ordinator/Head of Year 10 and 11: Ms S Lilly, MA Hons Aberdeen, PGCE MSc Southampton [email protected]

Geography/Duke of Edinburgh: Mrs E Haynes, BSc Southampton, PGCE London [email protected]


Head of Economics and Business Studies: Mrs L Bruller [email protected]

Economics and Business Teacher: Mrs R Day, [email protected]


Director of International Students: Mrs J Taylor, BA Hons Bath Spa, CELTA [email protected]


Mr M Hayward, BA Hons Oxon [email protected]


Home Economics: Miss E Hobson, BA Hons De Montfort University, PGCE University of St Mark and St John Plymouth [email protected]

Technician: Miss Z Maclaren


Head of Individual Needs: Dr C Dillow, BA Hons Sheffield Hallam, MA University of Sheffield, PhD University of Sheffield [email protected]

Teacher of SEN: Mr S Peters, BA Hons John Moores Liverpool, QTS Southampton [email protected]


Head of Mathematics: Mrs L Newnham, BSc Bristol, PGCE Oxford Brookes [email protected]

Mathematics, EPQ, Assistant Head Pastoral/Senior DSL/Head of Sixth Form: Mrs E Massey, BSc Hons Oxford Brookes, PGCE Chichester [email protected]

Mathematics: Mr A Okai, MSc, PGCE Portsmouth [email protected]

Mathematics: Mr D Grass, BA University of Surrey [email protected]

Mathematics: Mrs R Day, [email protected]


Head of Modern Languages: Mr R Dillow, BA Hons St John’s College, Camb, MA Camb [email protected]

Spanish, French and Italian: Mrs G Gotke, BA Hons London, PGCE Kent [email protected]

German: Mrs L Vandyck, BA Hons Ealing [email protected]

MFL Teacher: Miss C Ogle, BA Kent, PGCE Universtiy of Buckingham [email protected]


Director of Music: Dr R Milestone, MMus, BA Hons Wales, PhD Leeds, LRSM [email protected]

Music: Ms S Edwards, BA Leeds, PGCE Leeds, [email protected]

Singing: Mrs C Bryan

Brass: Miss A Wilmshurst

Guitar: Mr A Chester

Guitar: Mrs W Partridge

Percussion: Mr P Huddleston, BTech

Flute: Ms S De-Batts

Violin, Viola: Miss R McNiff

Pianoforte, Organ: Mr H Jackson

Pianoforte: Mrs M Riquelme Toomey

Pianoforte: Mrs R Dudley-Smith

Violoncello: Mr A Serna

Pianoforte, Clarinet: Mrs A Slogrove, BA Hons, LRSM, PGCE

Harp: Ms K Whatley

Recorder: Ms A Whittlesea

Oboe: Mrs A Law

Saxophone: Mr A Mitchell, PGCE Sunderland


Psychology: Mrs S Hunt, BA Hons Bournemouth, PGCE Exeter [email protected]


Director of Sport: Mrs S Guy, BA Hons Keele, PGCE Hull [email protected]

Physical Education: Mr A Slater, BA Auckland University [email protected]

Head of Swimming and Pentathlon: Mr M Flaherty, NVQ Management Level 4 [email protected]

Swimming Pool Manager: Ms A Parnell [email protected]

Physical Education: Mr D Barlow, BSc Hons Nottingham, MSc London, PGCE Birmingham [email protected]

Physical Education: Mr F Wilford, BSc Sheffield Hallam, PGCE Southampton [email protected]

Physical Education/Head of Prep P.E, Games and Activities: Mrs S Smith, BA Hons Chichester, QTS [email protected]

Tennis: Mr M Long, LTA Coach

Tennis: Mr T Prideaux-Brun


Head of Religious Studies: Ms C O’Toole, BA Hons London, PGCE, Catholic TCert Liverpool [email protected]

Religious Studies/Head of Year 8 and 9/Health and Social Care: Mrs E Littlechild, BA Hons York, PGCE Twickenham [email protected]

Religious Studies/Head of Year 7/Health and Social Care: Mrs A Griffiths, BD London, PGCE Exeter [email protected]


Physics: Mr P Ainsworth, BSc Hons, PGCE (Physics) [email protected]

Head of Biology: Mrs R Dawson, BSc Hons Bristol, PGCE Cambridge (Biology) [email protected]

Head of Chemistry: Dr O Kemal, BSc Hons, PhD London, PGCE Surrey, FRSC [email protected]

Head of Physics: Mrs A Valentine, BSc Hons Swansea, PGCE London [email protected]

Chemistry: Dr R Whale, BSc, PhD Birmingham, PGCE Exeter, CChem, MRSC [email protected]

Biology/Deputy Head(Teaching and Learning): Mr S Whittle, BSc Hons Birmingham [email protected]

Biology: Dr N Greenway: BSc Exeter, PhD Exeter, PGCE Bristol [email protected]

Science Teacher: Mrs K Le Poidevin, BSc University of Aberdeen University of Sussex PGCE

Laboratory Technician: Dr J Philpott [email protected]

Laboratory Technician: Ms P Meffe


Director of Boarding: Mrs B Simkins-Smith, BA Hons, Reading University [email protected]

Assistant Housemaster: Mr L Cannon, BA Durham, PGCE Exeter [email protected]

Housemistress: Miss C Ogle, BA Kent, PGCE Universtiy of Buckingham [email protected]

Graduate Assistant: Mr J Purchase [email protected]

Boarding Assistant: Miss L Robinson, QTS, BA (Hons) Glamorgan [email protected] 

GAP Assistant: Miss K Foulds


Executive Assistant to the Head: Ms N Holmes [email protected]

School Accountant: Mrs M Crabb  [email protected]

Accounts and HR Assistant: Miss K Wood AATQB [email protected]

Purchase Ledger Clerk: Mrs J Holland [email protected]

PA to the Bursar: Mrs S Hamnett BSc Hons, Cert SpLD [email protected]

Billing and Finance Assitant: Mrs K Smith [email protected]

Registrar: Mrs J Smith [email protected]

Admissions Officer: Mrs A Wilson [email protected]

Alumni Co-ordinator: Mrs C Damant [email protected]

Commercial and Events Manager: Mr K Bawden [email protected]

Enterprise and Events Coordinator: Mrs S Hull [email protected]

Director of Marketing and Admissions: Miss C Worsley, MA Oxon, PG Dip (Law) [email protected]

Marketing and Admissions Asssistant: Miss C Coulsey, BA Hons Plymouth [email protected]

IT Manager: Mr C MacIntyre, [email protected]

IT Technician: Mr D Race, [email protected]

HR Manager: Mrs F McCarthy, BA Hons FCIPD [email protected]

Lead School Nurse: Mrs C Cole, RGN, RHV [email protected]

School Nurse: Mrs R Lale, RGN [email protected]

Receptionist: Mrs L Luxton [email protected]

School Secretary: Miss C Thorne [email protected]

Library Supervisor: Mrs J Wells [email protected] / Ms E Watts, BA Hons PGCE, [email protected]

Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator: Mrs E Haynes, BSc Southampton, PGCE London [email protected]

School Counsellor: Ms C Ryall, MBACP (Accred.) [email protected]

Chaplaincy Co-ordinator: Mrs M Twist [email protected]

Estates Manager: Mr P Van Koutrik [email protected]

Exams Office: Ms S Hobkirk [email protected]

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