Independent schools currently educate over 500,000 children in the UK. Although independent schools have a lot in common each one is unique and there is a school that meets every families’ needs.

Mission and community – each school is driven by its own unique philosophy, values and approach providing a distinct community of parents, pupils and teachers working towards the same goals.

Independence – independent schools are governed by a board of trustees. They are not financed by the state but largely by school fees paid by parents. Independent schools do not have to conform to the national curriculum and therefore can flex their academic and enrichment offering to meet their pupils’ needs

Academic results – This freedom allows independent schools to nurture curiosity, encourage critical thinking and promote a love of learning that results in more pupils enrolling in advanced courses.

Individual attention – independent schools typically have lower staff to pupil ratios which encourages close relationships between staff, pupils and parents and a greater level of individual attention.

Specialist teachers – at all educational stages, including primary, there are subject specialists delivering lessons in their own areas of expertise.

Inclusiveness – contrary to popular belief independent schools are made up of a mix of abilities and backgrounds as varied as the pupil’s personalities.

Wrap-around care – independent schools offer a longer working day combined with after-school care

Independent schools offer a huge variety of experiences for pupils with a wider subject choice, more opportunities for extra-curricular activities and timetabled sport, music and drama which involves all pupils.

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