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Leweston Enrichment and Development Programme (LEaD)

The Leweston Enrichment and Development (LEaD) Programme is designed to develop Sixth Formers as the senior student leaders of our community. It provides the opportunity to engage in a range of experiences that go beyond timetabled studies while providing students with the tools to grow as experts in intellectual and practical ways.

The quality of any Enrichment programme is a measure of how seriously a school takes its responsibility of building well-rounded, healthy, ambitious, intellectually curious, emotionally resilient, and ultimately happy and successful human beings. Enrichment, done well, develops the individual and helps them fulfil their broader potential, giving students the opportunity to grow as people into the adults they will be by the time they leave us. While academic outcomes are clearly very important, at Leweston students mean so much more to us than just a set of grades. To ensure that the whole person is ‘enriched and developed’ by this programme, we have divided LEaD activities into three separate strands:

Sixth Formers are expected to engage in all three LEaD strands each term, setting targets and recording progress. In addition there is a timetabled enrichment slot each week where students can sign up to a termly option, including community service, charity/fundraising, global citizenship, world cultures, public speaking, sports coaching, events management and enterprise.

All students are expected to meet the quota of LEaD activities throughout their time in the Sixth Form. However, those who go above and beyond will be considered for a LEaD Programme Distinction award.