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The Leweston Learner

The Leweston Learner is an approach to teaching and learning which under-pins our work throughout the School, from Nursery to Sixth Form, so that all pupils share a common language for learning.


The Leweston Learner is a learning philosophy, not a curriculum with particular content. We believe that a set of learning behaviours are the key to raising pupil achievement and progress across the curriculum and beyond. Whilst the programme was developed independently it was inspired by the internationally recognised concept of ‘High Performance Learning’ (HPL). 

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Pupils are taught that by embracing these qualities they can improve every aspect of their lives, not just their academic performance. They learn that they have the ability to control these important qualities and get better at them! We embed the philosophy in all our teaching and learning and ensure that the language of Leweston Learner sits at the heart of every lesson.

Children are encouraged to reflect on their work after every lesson, and also to consider the extent to which they employed the Learner characteristics. Our learning observations focus on the development of these skills, seeking to increase evidence of them in the classrooms. We have specific Leweston Learner postcards to send home when we see the children displaying particular progress in each of the characteristics, and pupils can collect Learner stickers in their workbooks and receive bronze, silver and gold star badges once they collect ten, twenty and thirty of them.

In Prep 5 and 6, we introduce the Leweston Learner Diploma which enables the children to track their development in each skill area. Over the course of Prep 5 to Year 8, pupils collect evidence to show how they have progressed and at the end of Year 8, their final portfolio is then submitted to the Deputy Head, with each pupil awarded their diploma at Bronze, Silver or Gold standard, dependent upon the quality of work and progress shown.