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We treat our children as individuals, each on their own journey to excellence. For some, this means a meticulously planned extension to ensure that they are sufficiently challenged, and for others this may mean additional practical elements or a simplified task. 

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Wherever children are in their journey, we celebrate their successes, and their progress, as we recognise that improvement is the key to excellence.

Leweston Prep is proudly non-selective, and our pupils routinely outperform national averages across the curriculum. We believe that this is due to staff expertise, a creative curriculum, exceptional pupil support and the passion that our pupils develop for their learning. Our children have the time and space to find their passions and to work on more than just English and Maths. With this freedom comes a love of learning, and with that love comes success in all areas.

We do not set pupils, our staff are skilled in differentiating work within each class to ensure that every pupil is sufficiently challenged. Where children require additional support, we have a dedicated SENCo who is able to provide one-to-one lessons to target areas of need. Often these lessons introduce concepts ahead of the rest of the class, so that pupils do not feel left behind, but are fully equipped and able to follow the content of the lesson. This does build confidence and assurance.

Each child has an online learning journal, which parents can access daily. This records progress and tracks targets, enabling parents to be truly involved and informed about their child’s school life. Reporting is regular and meticulous, indicating attainment against the curriculum expectations.

The curriculum is broad and the opportunities are endless. Pupils take speaking and listening exams and perform in outstanding annual musical productions. They enter story writing competitions and Maths challenges, participate in extra-curricular trips to extend their knowledge and compete in a multitude of sporting fixtures from cross-country to football and swimming to hockey. Children progress through their musical grades, whether in voice or instrument, under the guidance of their music teachers, and perform in regular concerts. Our pupils are continually striving for excellence, secure in the knowledge that they are supported. The expectation is always that they will give their best and that it will be recognised when they do.

As an independent school, we are free to adapt our curriculum as we see fit, so we build on the requirements and expectations of the National Curriculum to enhance the offering. We always seek to add breadth and extension for all learners. Additionally, we are not required to participate in the formal SATs testing at Prep 2 and Prep 6. Pupils sit our own examinations and assessments, so that they become accustomed to the discipline required in examinations, but these exams are approached as a natural part of the school year and we acknowledge that they can never tell us as much as our continual teacher assessment of the pupils.

"What makes Leweston Prep different? Innovative teaching, including the use of "focus projects", not setting children, including times for walks and physical activity to break up the school day, encouraging learning and reflection when it comes to discipline and developing emotional regulation strategies. "

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