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Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a standalone qualification with significant UCAS value. It is highly respected by universities because it helps to develop independent learning skills.

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The EPQ is a research-based qualification based on a self-selected project and is an ideal way for students to study something they are interested in but is not part of their main curriculum, or an area that will contribute to their university course or a future career. Students research a subject of their choosing before producing a dissertation, investigation, performance or artefact. 

Completing an EPQ teaches essential research and writing skills and the qualification is invaluable on a personal statement, CV or at interview.

Leweston students achieve excellent results in the EPQs – in the last five year 80% of all entries have achieved A* or A. In 2023 all entries achieve these top grades. 

Although projects are individually-driven, students receive one-to-one guidance to support the requirements of their title.

EPQ titles have included:

What are the effects on the mental and physical health of disrupted and/or lack of sleep on teenagers aged 14-18?

How does the environment affect genetically identical organisms?

To what extent were differences in political ideology between the Soviet Union and the United States of America the most important factor for the growing division in Germany (1945 - 61)?

Does biological sex determine the impact of long-term stress on the structural neuroplasticity of people aged 13-19 in the UK in terms of learning?

To what extent was Florence Nightingale the most influential individual surrounding improvements in care and treatment in the 19th century?

To what extent is the use of antimicrobial drugs in agriculture a good practice?