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    Senior Leadership Team

    Mr John Paget-Tomlinson


    Mr Richard Thompson

    Head of Prep

    Mr Stuart Whittle

    Deputy Head (Academic)/Biology

    Mr Oliver McManus

    Deputy Head (Pastoral)/English/DSL

    Lt Col Gus Scott-Masson


    Mrs Elizabeth Winter

    Prep Deputy Head/DDSL

    Miss Claire Worsley

    Director of Marketing and Communications

    Mrs Beth Simkins-Smith

    Director of Boarding

    Mrs Anna Dencher

    Head of Geography/Director of Teaching and Learning


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    Prep School Staff

    Head of Prep: Mr R Thompson

    Prep Deputy Head/Prep DDSL: Mrs E Winter, BA (Hons) Warwick, PGCE Bath Spa

    PA to the Head of Prep/School Secretary: Mrs L Gillett

    Prep DDSL, Nursery Supervisor: Miss B Ford

    Reception Teacher and Early Years Co-ordinator: Mrs G Cheyne, BA (Hons), PGCE Worcester

    Reception Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Bourne,

    Reception Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Walder, BA (Hons) Plymouth

    Prep 1 Teacher: Miss J Bartlett, B.Ed. EYFS Teacher, EYFS SENCo 3 years+

    Prep 2 Teacher: Miss P Crane, BA (Hons) and QTS

    Prep 2 Teaching Assistant: Miss E Roach

    Prep 3 Teacher: Mrs A Warren, BA (Hons), PGCE Winchester

    Prep 3 Teacher: Mrs A Littlewood, BA (Hons) Exeter, PGSE Reading

    Prep 3 Teaching Assistant: Miss J Day

    Prep 4 Teacher: Mr M Tanner, BA (Hons) Portsmouth, MRes Southampton, PGCE Kingston 

    Prep 4 Teacher: 

    Miss E Mattey, BA (Hons), PGCE

    Mrs T Bowditch, BA (Hons), PGCE West of England (on maternity)

    Prep 5 Teacher: Mrs J Dycer, BA (Hons) Portsmouth, PGCE Bath Spa

    Prep 5 Teacher: Mr M McCloskey, BA (Hons) Winchester

    Prep 6 Teacher: Mrs A Jackson, BA (Hons) Portsmouth, PGCE Kingston

    Prep 6 Teacher: Mr D Hutchings, BA (Hons) East Anglia, PGCE Gloucester

    Prep  6 Teaching Assistant: Mrs N Hancock, BA (Hons) Southampton, PGCE UWE

    Prep Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Ellery

    Prep Teaching Assistant: Mrs H Wallace BA (Hons) PGCE Winchester

    Prep Teacher: Mr P Horne, BEd (Hons) St Mark and St Johns Plymouth

    Prep SENCo: Mrs L Sunderland, BA (Hons) Sussex, QTS, Teaching Dyslexia and SpLD Dip.

    Head of Prep Music and Performing Arts: Mrs S Betley, ABRSM, CT ABRSM, PGCSE St Luke’s College of Education, GTCL, FTCL Clarinet, ALCM Piano,

    Physical Education/Head of Prep P.E, Games and Activities: Mrs S Smith, BA (Hons) Chichester, QTS

    Head of Swimming and Pentathlon: Mr M Flaherty, NVQ Management Level 4

    Swimming Pool Manager: Ms A Parnell

    Equestrian Manager: Mrs L Roberts

    Heads of Year

    Year 7: Mrs L Bruller, BA (Hons) Bournemouth, Cert. Ed. Bath

    Year 8: Mrs E Goy, BA (Hons) De Montfort University, PGCE University of St Mark and St John Plymouth

    Year 9: Mrs L Newnham, B.Sc. Hons, PGCE 

    Mr J Purchase, BA (Hons), PGCE

    Year 10: Dr N Greenway, BSc Exeter, PhD Exeter, PGCE Bristol

    Year 11: Mr F Wilford, BSc Sheffield Hallam, PGCE Southampton

    Sixth Form: Mr M Ryan-East, BA (Hons) Plymouth, PGCE Soton, MSt Cantab


    Art, Design and Technology

    Head of Art and Design: Ms J Lacey, BA (Hons) Winchester School of Art, PGCSE Buckingham

    Art and Design: Ms A Wright, MA Royal Academy of Art

    Art and Design: Miss L Robinson, QTS, BA (Hons) Glamorgan

    Art and Design: Mrs A Chillingworth

    Technician: Mr G Lewis

    Technician: Mrs C Miller




    Director of Boarding/Deputy DSL: Mrs B Simkins-Smith, BA (Hons) Reading

    Housemaster: Mr L Cannon, BA Durham, PGCE Exeter, MA (Ed) Exeter

    Housemistress: Mrs C Ovey, BA Kent, PGCE Buckingham

    Assistant Housemistress: Miss L Robinson, QTS, BA (Hons) Glamorgan 

    Assistant Housemaster/Head of Year 9: Mr J Purchase, BA (Hons) Manchester, PGCE Buckingham

    GAP Assistant: Miss S Baker

    GAP Assistant: Miss E Roberts

    GAP Assistant: Mr N Walter


    Business and Economic Studies

    Head of Business and Economics: Mrs R Day, BSc (Hons) MORSE Warwick, PGCE Thames, Dip OU.

    Teacher of Economics and Business Studies/Head of Year 7/Chaplaincy Coordinator: Mrs L Bruller, BA (Hons) Bournemouth, Cert. Ed. Bath


    Classics (Latin): Miss J Howlett, BA University of Oxford, PGCE Sussex 

    Greek: Mr M. Burton- Brown, TD, MA Oxon

    Computer Science (ICT)

    Mr N Stephens, BSC Portsmouth, PGCE King Alfreds College, Winchester

    English and Drama

    Head of English: Mrs S Evans, BA (Hons) University of Sheffield, PGCE University of London

    English/Deputy Head (Pastoral)/DSL: Mr O McManus, BA (Hons) Nottingham Trent, PGCE Bath

    English/Head of Sixth Form/Centre Coordinator for EPQ: Mr M Ryan-East, BA (Hons) Plymouth, PGCE Soton, MSt Cantab

    Drama and English: Miss A McIntosh, BA (Hons), PGSE Exeter

    English: Mr C Thomas

    Speech and Drama: Mrs K Pankhurst, HND Theatre and Performing Arts, PGCE


    English as an Additional Language

    Director of International Students: Mrs Kelly-Quick, BSc Worcester, PGCE UCL, CELTA Cambridge,


    Head of Geography/Director of Teaching and Learning: Mrs A Dencher, BA, MA, PGCE Cantab.

    Geography/PSHRE Co-ordinator/Deputy DSL: Ms S Lilly, MA (Hons) Aberdeen, PGCE MSc Southampton

    Geography/Duke of Edinburgh: Mrs E Haynes, BSc Southampton, PGCE London


    Head of History: Mr M Hayward, BA (Hons) Oxon

    History Teacher: Mr D Teague, BA (Hons) Sheffield, PGCE Plymouth

    Home Economics

    Home Economics/Head of Year 8: Mrs E Goy, BA (Hons) De Montfort University, PGCE University of St Mark and St John Plymouth

    Teacher of Home Economics: Mrs S Baxter, BA, PGCE

    Technician: Mrs C Monaghan


    Head of Mathematics/Head of Year 9: Mrs L Newnham, BSc Bristol, PGCE Oxford Brookes

    Mathematics: Mr A Okai, MSc, PGCE Portsmouth

    Mathematics: Mr M Miller, BED in of Educational Management, University of South Africa

    Mathematics: Mr T Enticknap, Bsc (Hons)

    Mathematics: Mrs R Day, BSc (Hons) MORSE Warwick, PGCE Thames, Dip OU.

    Modern Languages

    Head of Modern Languages: Mr R Dillow, BA (Hons) St John’s College, Camb, MA Camb

    Spanish, French and Italian: Mrs G Gotke, BA (Hons) London, PGCE Kent

    German: Mrs L Vandyck, BA (Hons) Ealing

    MFL Teacher: Mrs C Ovey, BA Kent, PGCE University of Buckingham

    MFL Teacher/Head of Year 9: Mr J Purchase, BA (Hons) Manchester, PGCE University of Buckingham

    MFL Teacher: Mrs L Thompson, BA (Hons), PGCE


    Director of Music: Dr R Milestone, MMus, BA (Hons) Wales, PhD Leeds, LRSM

    Music: Ms S Edwards, BA Leeds, PGCE Leeds,

    Vocal: Mr J Pugsley

    Brass: Miss A Wilmshurst

    Guitar: Mr A Chester

    Classical/Guitar: Mrs V Hartzell

    Percussion: Mr P Huddleston

    Flute: Mrs L Preston

    Violin: Miss L Allen

    Pianoforte: Mrs R Dudley-Smith

    Pianoforte and Clarinet: Mrs M Riquelme-Toomey

    Violin and Cello: Mr A Serna Acero

    Pianoforte/Clarinet: Mrs A Slogrove, BA Hons, LRSM, PGCE

    Harp: Ms N Rogers BA (Hons), PGCE

    Recorder: Ms A Whittlesea

    Oboe: Mrs A Gosney

    Saxophone: Mr A Mitchell, PGCE Sunderland

    Organ and Piano: Mr P Cheater, BA ACP FNCM Cert Ed

    Peri: Miss H Sawle BMus, Master of Music

    Personalised Learning

    Head of Individual Needs: Mrs K Davis, BA (Hons), PGCE Oxford

    Teacher of Individual Needs: Mrs M Buckland BA Hons Bournemouth, PGCE Exeter

    Teacher of SEN: Mrs R Slater, BA (Hons), PGCE


    Psychology: Mrs S Hunt, BA (Hons) Bournemouth, PGCE Exeter

    Physical Education

    Head of Sport and Physical Activity: Mr S Manning, BA (Hons) PGCE Exeter

    Physical Education: Mrs S Guy, BA (Hons) Keele, PGCE Hull

    Physical Education: Mr A Slater, BA Auckland University

    Head of Swimming and Pentathlon: Mr M Flaherty, NVQ Management Level 4

    Head of Extra-Curricular, Rugby and Football/Boarding Housemaster: Mr L Cannon, BA Durham, PGCE Exeter

    Physical Education: Mr D Barlow, BSc (Hons) Nottingham, MSc London, PGCE Birmingham

    Physical Education/Head of Year 11: Mr F Wilford, BSc Sheffield Hallam, PGCE Southampton

    Physical Education/Head of Prep P.E, Games and Activities: Mrs S Smith, BA (Hons) Chichester, QTS

    Swimming Pool Manager: Ms A Parnell

    Tennis: Mr M Long, LTA Coach

    Tennis: Mr T Prideaux-Brun

    Religious Studies

    Head of Religious Studies: Ms C O’Toole, BA (Hons) London, PGCE, Catholic TCert Liverpool

    Religious Studies/Health and Social Care: Mrs E Littlechild, BA (Hons) York, PGCE Twickenham

    Religious Studies/Health and Social Care: Mrs A Griffiths, BD London, PGCE Exeter


    Head of Biology: Mrs R Dawson, BSc (Hons) Bristol, PGCE Cambridge

    Head of Physics: Mrs A Valentine, BSc (Hons) Swansea, PGCE London

    Head of Chemistry: Dr R Whale, BSc, PhD Birmingham, PGCE Exeter, CChem, MRSC

    Head of Science/Chemistry: Cllr N Hudson, MEd (reading), BSc (Hons), PGCSE Bath Spa

    Biology/Deputy Head(Academic): Mr S Whittle, BSc (Hons) Birmingham

    Biology: Dr N Greenway, BSc Exeter, PhD Exeter, PGCE Bristol

    Physics: Mr R Nejako, BSc Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, PGCSE University of Buckingham

    Science Teacher: Mrs K Le Poidevin, BSc (Hons) Aberbeen, PGCE Sussex, PGCPSE (Open), PGDPSE (Open) 

    Science Teacher: Mrs S Stosiek

    Laboratory Technician: Dr J Philpott

    Laboratory Technician: Dr R MacMillan

    Support Staff

    Executive Assistant to the Head: Ms N Holmes

    PA to the Head of Prep/Prep School Secretary: Mrs L Gillett

    School Secretary: Mrs C Adams

    Senior School Reception: Mrs R Scott

    School Accountant: Mrs M Crabb

    Cover Manager/Accounts and HR Assistant: Mrs K Brown AATQB

    Purchase Ledger Clerk: Mrs J Holland

    PA to the Bursar: Mrs S Hamnett BSc Hons, Cert SpLD

    Billing and Finance Assistant: Mrs K Smith

    Registrar: Mrs J Smith, BA (Hons) Open

    Registrar – Prep & Nursery: Mrs A Wilson

    Director of Marketing and Communications: Miss C Worsley, MA Oxon, PG Dip

    Marketing and Communications Officer: Miss C Coulsey, BA (Hons) Plymouth

    Events Administrative Support Assistant : Mrs S Hull

    Careers Adviser: Mrs S Hutton, BA (Hons) Liverpool John Moores, Further Education and Adult Teaching Certificate C&G 730/7

    IT Manager: Mr C MacIntyre, FdA, BA (Hons) Cumbria

    IT Technician: Mr D Race,

    IT Technician: Mr M Notley,

    HR Manager: Mrs F McCarthy, BA Hons FCIPD

    Lead School Nurse/Deputy DSL: Mrs C Cole, RGN, RHV

    School Nurse: Mrs R Lale, RGN

    Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator: Mrs E Haynes, BSc Southampton, PGCE London

    School Counsellor: Mrs K Megahey, BSc (Hons) Nottingham, Cert. Ed Cambridge, MBACP (Accred)

    Chaplaincy Co-ordinator: Mrs L Bruller, BA (Hons) Bournemouth, Cert. Ed. Bath

    Estates Manager: Mr P Van Koutrik

    Transport Manager: Mr K Smith

    Exams and Assessments Officer: Mrs S Clark 

    Swimming Pool Assistant: Mr A Griffiths

    Equestrian Manager: Mrs L Roberts


    Nursery DSL, Nursery Supervisor: Mrs B Toop

    Older Babies Room Lead/Under 3 SENCo 3: Mrs J Johnstone

    Toddler Room Lead: Miss L Jackman

    TC1 Room Lead/Forest School Co-ordinator/Senior Early Years Practitioner: Miss L Hillier 

    Younger Babies Room Lead: Mrs S Milligan

    TC2 Teacher: Mrs S Wrixon

    TC2 Room Lead/Senior Early Years Practitioner (Maternity Cover): Miss K Gitsham

    Early Years Practitioner: Mrs A Thomas

    Early Years Practitioner/TC1 Room Lead: Mrs C Beale

    Early Years Practitioner: Mrs E Mogridge

    Early Years Practitioner: Mrs H Sansom-Priddle

    Early Years Practitioner: Mrs J Herbert

    Early Years Practitioner/Forest School Co-Ordinator: Miss K Hallett

    Early Years Practitioner: Mrs M Cook

    Early Years Practitioner: Miss B Miller 

    Early Years Practitioner: Miss L Key

    Nursery Bank Staff: Mrs P Todd

    Nursery Bank Staff: Miss L Poulter