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Peer Support

A key part of Leweston's pastoral wheel is peer support. There a range of in-school initiatives that allow pupils to support one another. This approach not only builds a strong sense of community and shared it experience helps to develop both the pupils receiving the support and pupils working with them.



The Head Boy and Head Girl lead a team of Senior Prefects who undertake specific roles across the school. As well as undertaking organisational tasks they contribute the life of the whole school supporting fellow Sixth Formers and younger pupils. 

Peer Mentors

All Sixth Form students are invited to apply to be peer mentors. If successful they go through a peer-mentoring programme where support and training is given prior to pairing with a mentee. This is typically a new pupil joining the school when they provide friendship and advice during their first term at Leweston. Occasionally a mentor may work with a pupil who would specifically benefit from the support of an older pupil. Many mentors and mentees continue to meet long after the first term is over.

Well Being Ambassadors

Linked to Leweston's membership of the Well Being Hub is the formation of a new group of Well Being ambassadors who will support other students in navigating the website, finding materials to support them and making the most of the resources.

School Council

Meeting termly the School Council brings together representatives from all of the year groups to discuss their suggestions on the running of the school. The Council is chaired by the Prefect with responsibility for pupil voice and reports to the Senior Leadership Team. In boarding a termly Boarding Council meeting is chaired by the Boarding Prefect to provide boarders with a forum for ideas and discussion about boarding life.