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Our Values and Ethos

Leweston is a Catholic boarding and day school which focuses on preparing pupils for life beyond the school. 

The independence, resilience and willingness to try instilled at Leweston provides pupils with the confidence to meet the challenges of the wider world. High standards are set both inside and outside the classroom, and our values of community, opportunity and expertise are the bedrock of our school. We welcome pupils of all faiths and none, building a strong sense of community, courtesy, respect and affection that has at its heart prayer and service to others.

"The school has an atmosphere of genuine warmth and a down to earth community. A lot of other schools put these words on their brochures, but they are just words at the end of the day. Leweston has a genuine sense of kindness and approachability. "

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Aims of the School

To give pupils an experience of life in a Christian community:

  • By affirming each individual as a sacred and unique part of God’s creation, and nurturing in each person a sense of dignity and self-worth
  • By valuing diversity and appreciating the contribution that every pupil makes to the life of the school

To provide the highest quality of teaching and learning, which is responsive to and supportive of the needs and aspirations of the individual:

  •  By fostering intellectual curiosity, a desire to seek truth, and a life-long love of learning
  • By enabling pupils to discover their own strengths and weaknesses, to learn from ‘failures’, and to develop the determination to persevere, in order to pursue their goals
  • By supporting all pupils in their pursuit of academic and personal excellence and ensuring every pupil can take part in the school curriculum

To provide a programme of sport and outdoor learning accessible to all which supports and enhances pupils’ personal development and academic achievements.

To forge relationships of trust and mutual respect between staff and students which contribute to the success of pupils in all aspects of school life.

To inspire pupils to develop their God-given gifts and be happy with who they are.

A Catholic School

Leweston has a reputation for having a clear sense of purpose that guides all we do as a school. Our school values of community and expertise are reflected in our commitment to exceptional pastoral care and the strength of relationships pupils form both with each other and the staff who support them.

Leweston is a Catholic foundation but we welcome pupils of all denominations and none. Our distinctive ethos, based on sound teaching, moral guidance, pastoral care and the development of the spiritual life, is central to what we are and how we interact with each other.

The Chapel of St Antony is central in the life of the school as the place where Mass and other school services are celebrated. It also plays host to our Choral Society performance and other musical events. It is situated in the heart of the school and is always open so that pupils, staff and parents can find a quiet space. Mass or Liturgy is celebrated on Wednesdays for the whole school. Pupils of all ages participate, from planning the liturgies and taking an active role in the choir, to performing as musicians or acting as servers and readers. Pupils of other faiths are supported in their own worship.

Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) is a set of principles and values that guide the Catholic Church's engagement with the world. CST is based on the Gospel message of love, justice, and peace, and it calls for a preferential option for the poor and vulnerable. CST is not only a doctrine, but a way of life that shapes the attitudes and actions of Catholics in their personal, social, and political spheres.

One of the places where CST can be lived out is in the school setting. Leweston is not only a place of academic excellence, but also a community of faith and service that fosters the integral development of students. Leweston has a mission to educate the whole person: mind, body, spirit, and heart. In doing so, we prepare students to become responsible citizens and disciples of Christ who can contribute to the common good of society.


This year we are working towards the CAFOD Live Simply Award. This award is inspired by the words of Pope Francis who asks, “What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up?” The Live Simply Award is an opportunity for Leweston, as a Catholic community, to answer the call to care for our common home and stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world. It is a school wide project that has 9 separate elements looking at Global, Local and School based activities. Each will reflect the 7 principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Below are details of each principle and the projects we are working on throughout the year.

Download CAFOD Award Outline

2_Grounds_Leweston_July2018 ©JayArmstrong (2)

Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Developed with input from governors, staff, parents and pupils the Strategic Plan sets out Leweston’s priorities for the next three years. It outlines the direction for the school and reflects both what we are as a community, and what we believe to be important. The plan is centred on five core strategic goals based on the school’s three values: Community, Opportunity, Expertise, Identity and Accountability. It is ambitious, both for our pupils and for the school as a whole, but we believe it demonstrates our uncompromising commitment to provide every pupil with the best possible opportunity to learn and grow and to help them to achieve more than they thought possible.

Inspection Reports

Leweston is regularly inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Safeguarding is at the heart of all ISI inspections. This involves checking whether schools are compliant with the minimum standards required, not only in terms of policies and procedures, but also in what they do. Inspectors not only check documentation but also interview staff and pupils.

ISI inspections pay particular attention to pupil voice. All pupils are invited to complete a confidential questionnaire and inspectors prioritise formal and informal meetings with pupils to ensure that any issues raised can be followed up during the visit. For the same reason all parents are invited to complete a confidential pre-inspection questionnaire.

ISI Material Change Inspection Report

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Leweston ISI Report

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